crying.jpg Many of us know what it feels like to be tortured via the throes of anticipation. We waited anxiously for Cal Football to reign as No. 1 last semester, but the moment never came. We cried tears of sweet closure when the last installment of Harry Potter reached our eager hands.

Still, none of that compares to the emotional turmoil that arrives in many student mailboxes across the country today. Yes, it’s that time of year again–the day many high school seniors open a long-awaited letter from the UC Berkeley admissions department (or, rather, log into the myBerkeleyApplication portal at 5 p.m PST for quicker results).

One glance at College Confidential, a message board consisting largely of soccer moms and stressed out overachievers, and you can get a sense of the agony. Some are even accusing admissions of an e-mail conspiracy after their “suspicious” and “cruelly worded” letter announced the release of acceptances on Mar. 27. The letter proclaims, “Thank you for your patience: We’re worth the wait!” Cruel, indeed.

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