You want to know what’s cool? Guerilla activism. You, like, go around hanging up fliers over High School Musical posters (hruh?), and you, like, climb on door frames and spray paint things onto the sidewalks. You raise your hand in a group discussion setting of some sort …

Because you’re just that cool. All of this must be done in the dead of night, obviously. Did we mention that? No? Good, because if you’re really cool, it shouldn’t need to be said.

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Happy belated President’s Day, everyone! We didn’t manage to get your faces carved onto Mount Rushmore, so you’ll have to settle for the next best thing: a video message from UC president Mark Yudof.

As far as YouTube videos go, it’s pretty generic. It’s disappointingly SFW, with no fly-killing, swearing, or finger-biting (here’s looking at you, Charlie).

In the video, Yudof talks about the UC for CA “grassroots movement” which since November has added 130,000 members to its advocacy group. More information can be found at (not to be confused with, which is the read more »

Some more sitters of the tree variety set up shop outside Wheeler Hall today, but don’t get them confused with the Oakies. The new treewoks on the block sit for student activism, namely “democratization” of the UC Regents and condemning the BP deal.

OK, fair enough. We’re still not convinced that sitting in a tree will gain anything besides extra police patrolling.

But wait! There’s more! SFist tipped us to another tree-related protest scheduled for tomorrow. Called “Toilet-Trees” (oh so clever), the protest calls out Kimberly-Clark for its clear-cutting practices in producing tissue and toilet paper. In the copy of the press release, SFist points to the claim that “there will be great visuals and photo opportunities!”

Oh shit. Take a look for yourselves:
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