so advanced!

Expect to see the the partially-constructed face of a flat-footed hominid named Ardi glaring back at you from today’s cover of Science. UC Berkeley professor of integrative biology Tim White (known for a little thing called Lucy) and fellow scientists of the Middle Awash Project will present their Ardipithecus ramidus findings in an 11-page spread.

This free PDF download is projected to reveal the extraordinary implications this 4.4-million-year-old fossil carries about why we make friends, why we usually don’t live in trees (bummer), why we walk instead of crawl, why we shop at Berkeley Bowl instead of tearing our prey limb from limb chimp style and most importantly, why we mate fo’ lyfe.

Another reason Ardi rules? She’s got Lucy beat by 1.2 million years, making her one of the most complete and oldest hominid skeleton discovered yet. We hear she’s in the market for a Homo sapien Harold to her Maude, so look alive boys!

You can check out a cast of Ardi’s skull in the Valley Life Sciences Building, where she is currently busy making new skull friends and skull enemies in the Human Evolution display case.

Image Source: Mike Licht, under Creative Commons
Ethiopian desert yields oldest hominid skeleton [NewsCenter]