In what appears to be the latest attempt at appealing to the kids these days, “a bunch of carrot farmers” (read: some guy in marketing who just discovered this hilarious thing called ‘the YouTube’) have brought this upon the world. It’s a $25 million dollar ad campaign and baby-carrot rebranding aimed at teenagers, apparently to give baby carrots the appeal of junk food.

“It’s just to show the overall sense that this is an extreme, just crazy, you know, new idea,” says high school senior Caleb Warwick. “That’s the explosion: the sheer power read more »

Phew. That AirBART trip was kind of a pain in the ass, but we’re just glad to be here at Oakland International Airport on our way home. Home–far, far removed from the pressures of budget crises, and strikes and other university-related bad vibes, where we can eat away our sorrows and rest … Wait, what does that ad on the wall say?

Buh. Boo.

Oh, God damn it.

Image Source: Jill Cowan, via crappy camera phone.


Who is Barazani?

We have no idea, but we’d bet our left nut we’re going to find out in due time. And that whoever Barazani is, he/she/it is probably not as worthy of speculation as this flyer seems to imply. There were a bunch of these hung up on bulletin boards in Dwinelle Hall. Has anyone seen them anywhere else? Anyone actually know what they’re advertising? All we know right now is this middle school-ish creeper’s piercingly sardonic gaze and perfectly-groomed eyebrows will be haunting our dreams for at least a week.

Image Source: Jill Cowan