This tasty morsel of a documentary captures legendary German film director Werner Herzog eating a shoe à la Alice Waters’ School of Slow Food (cooked for five hours to leathery perfection) at the Berkeley UC Theater. He bet American director and documentarian Errol Morris (just starting out at the time) that Morris would never complete his documentary, “Gates of Heaven,” about a pet cemetery; and that if he did, he would eat his shoe.

At eight minutes into the video, Herzog begins to address the crowd in the theater, intersplicing encouragement to young filmmakers with culinary commentary: “I think I won’t eat the soles because it’s so sticky now…when you eat the chicken, you leave the bones anyway.”

Short Break: That Shoe Werner Herzog Ate? Cooked at Chez Panisse! [The Bay Citizen]
Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe [YouTube]

michelleobamaPay $1,000 to see First Lady Michelle Obama shooting the breeze with local chef extraordinaire Alice Waters this coming Tuesday, June 14. The occasion?  Breakfast fundraisers for Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, taking place at the Claremont Hotel, which reeks of history and stinks of wealth (in other words, entirely appropriate).

To get even more involved, pay more: $2,500 for preferred seating (a better view of the two ladies noshing, perhaps?), $5,000 for the photo reception and a whopping $25,000 to be a co-host of the event.

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chez pThe Michelin Guide, which is a supposedly “reliable” guide of recommendations for restaurants, has taken back the one star they gave to Chez Panisse. Let us remind everyone that Chez Panisse has been considered by some as the best restaurant in America. What more do you want Michelin!! Geez.

However we’ll leave it to the more experienced palates to decide whether Michelin’s decision was a sound one. According to Berkeleyside, the criteria for getting one star is “a very good restaurant in its own category.” To be awarded two stars a restaurant needs to have “Excellent cuisine worth a detour” and the criteria for three stars is, “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey. One always eats extremely well here, sometimes superbly.”

Three local restaurants made the cut. They are Coi in San Francisco, Cyrus in Healdsburg and Manresa in Los Gatos.

But don’t lose faith because of one little star. The owner, Alice Waters, doesn’t seem too distressed. “Although Ms. Waters respects the traditions upon which the Michelin Guide bases its awards, she acknowledges that they aren’t the same traditions upon which Chez Panisse has built its reputation and success over the years,” commented Mia Morgenstern from the Chez Panisse foundation in an interview with Berkeleyside.

Hata’s gon’ hate Michelin. Power through Chez Panisse!

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Chez Panisse loses its Michelin Star [Berkeleyside]


Alice Waters, owner of Chez Panisse, slow foodie and haver-of-feuds with Anthony Bourdain is set to receive the Legion of Honor. On Tuesday, Waters reportedly got a letter informing her that she’d sautéed her way to France’s highest honor. No word yet on how exactly she was chosen for the prize or when she’ll receive it.


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Alice Waters to Receive France’s Highest Honor [SFoodie]

OK, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration. There wasn’t quite as much brawling as we might have hoped The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King trailer

Willow rip
The Muppets Take Manhattan trailer

during the face-to-face debate between Slow Food-pushing Berkeleyan Alice Waters Blonde Ambition divx and foodie vagabond Anthony Bourdain at last week’s Connecticut Forum.

Also, it wasn’t just the two of them going at it–Ace of Cakes baker Duff Goldman doesn’t say much in this clip, but he seems to play a kind of mediating role while Waters and Bourdain duke it out with words … and their eyes. Angry, angry eyes.

Anthony Bourdain, Alice Waters and Duff Goldman [YouTube], via SF Eater
Albino Farm hd Earlier: ‘Watersgate’ Continues, Clog Curses Itself for Not Coming Up With That Bad Boys hdThe Grifters movie download

Chef extraordinaire Alice Waters may seem a little kooky to some. But judging by this 60 Minutes segment, we’re beginning to believe there may be something of a brilliant economist hiding behind that deceptively dreamy expression and soft-spoken voice.

You can’t deny that the woman has vision. Her insistence that “good food should be a right and not a privilege” is inspiring at best, read more »

Any1 kan cookz!
It looks like Alice Waters’s culinary regality might not be enough to keep her Slow Food-sowing, local produce-julienning  hands clean.  And Anthony Bourdain might be a trifle intimidated, judging by the speed with which he backpedaled over his earlier digs at Waters. Well, as intimidated as someone who calls anyone else’s letters to the president “wildly hubristic” can be, anyway.  

According to Gothamist–yet another “Ist” blog–Bourdain and Waters are set to duke it out, face to face, at a forum for gourmet heavyweights in May. We certainly look forward to hearing about this one. It promises to be a real ”food fight.” (Ha! Take that, Gothamist! Or … not.) 

Update: More Waters-bashing on NPR.  Wow, things are getting way more intense than we anticipated, up in here. 

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Anthony Bourdain Talks Alice Watersgate [Gothamist], via Eater SF 
Waters Backlash, Cont. [Eater SF]
Earlier: Alice Serves Mouthwatering Cuisine in D.C., Sparks Blog-oversy

Work it, gurrl!Alice Waters, you’re our hero … Or are you?

Not only did Berkeley’s most famously awesome foodie raise some major cash-monies for Washington charity organizations by cooking up (presumably) delicious noms for some D.C. do-gooders–er, eat-gooders, in any case–but she also kinda, maybe saved-ish someone from choking.

“How exactly does one kinda, maybe save-ish someone?” you ask. Simple, really. You see someone who is choking (in this case, cookbook author Joan Nathan) and then you go find someone (in this case, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio) who knows the Heimlich maneuver and then they save the choking person. Now, before you start weighing the woman down with mental (or actual) medals of honor, you may want to consider an interesting point that one SFist commenter phrased perhaps a bit more bluntly than we would have: read more »