squidwardCollege is a time of change. A time to figure out who we are and what it is we want out of life. We learn so many new things, about ourselves, about the world, about drinking heavily. It’s probably the time in our lives when we experience the most growth. Specifically, we grow from an eager, motivated freshman to a jaded, lazy senior. It’s a natural trajectory, so don’t be alarmed. Wondering where you fall on the DGAF scale? Check out our analysis below and decide for yourself.


Also known as eager freshman. You’re just so jazzed to be out of high school. You picked your own classes. You don’t have to be up at the ass-crack of dawn anymore. In fact, you can sleep ‘til 11:00 a.m., because all of your classes start after noon. This is unheard of in your little pre-college world. Plus, you can eat whatever you want. Could it get any better? Getting an A never looked so easy. read more »


Fact: all-nighters are our favorite way to crank out last-minute, P.O.S. papers. The time crunch and general haze of sleeplessness do wonders for numbing our guilty conscience.

Not that the exhausted delirium that follows is always fun. And according to new research out of UC Berkeley and Harvard, said derangement goes beyond really, really wanting a nap.

Apparently, that “short-term euphoria” can read more »

ooh, enticing

Midterms will come before you know it, and you’ll end up pulling at least one all-nighter this semester–if you’re lucky. The Clog has compiled a list of do’s and dont’s to get you past the shock of seeing the sun rise.

* Drink too much caffeine. Just a few cups in the beginning is OK, but too much will make your limbs jittery and your mind scattered.

* Fall asleep. That’s a no-brainer. If you do need a little rest break, aim for a small amount of shut-eye, like a 20-minute power nap.

And now for the real jewels of wisdom…

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