To prepare us for the Big Game against Stanford this weekend, tons of clubs and organizations have been selling shirts on Sproul with their ideas of school spirit. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which you like best, because there are just so many to choose from.

Cal Quidditch

Cal Quidditch says “Voldemort Went to Stanford,” which apparently would be a strike against the Cardinals in their book.

Phi Sigma Phi

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So the university is able to preserve a historic landmark while the City of Berkeley struggles to save one of theirs.

The Chron reports that Bowles Hall will continue to be what is today—home to 200 testosterone-saturated, immature freshmen. OK, that’s not exactly what the Chron said, but that’s what we gather from the report.

In November, the Haas School of Business stated its intentions to take Bowles and turn it into some special educational center and hotel for 30 to 40-somethings.

“Other options are being looked into, but nothing far along yet,” campus spokeswoman Marie Felde said.

The Bowles Hall Alumni Association must be relatively happy.

The alumni association questioned where it was “ethically appropriate for UC, or any university, to replace the wishes of donors of yesterday with the wishes of donors of today.”

At least the donors are assured that the largest sausage-fest on campus is still going to continue on next year.

UC backs down on plan to convert dorm [Sf Gate]

It’s good to see that the administration sort of generally avoids the catastrophe of the ASUC Elections. One office, however, has decided to take a not-involved-diving-in-head-first stab at the action.

The Alumni Association sent an e-mail to some students today in order to promote the Student Life Fee Referendum, pitched as a way to provide funds to SUPERB, Student Musical Activities, graduate student groups, and thereby leave other money on the table for other student groups. The chummy e-mail begins with:

While we’re not about to get into the business of lobbying for ASUC ballot measures or candidates, but we’re passing this message on as a one-time courtesy to our great friends from Student Musical Activities who have been great friends to Alumni Scholarships over the years…

The e-mail forwards an announcement, which aggrandizes the Student Life Fee Referendum and asks students to “Help pass the ‘Student Life Fee Referendum’ with a Yes vote next week.”

The lack of an opposition argument clearly places the Alumni Association as promoting the bill, utilizing its student database to rally for the “cause” of student life. It is a veiled attempt to encourage stronger student ties to the campus and result in more donations in the long run.