If you’ve been following the Clog lately, you probably already know that Cal sports — whether it’s our teams or our alumni — have been doing quite well as of late. Cal baseball had its amazing College World Series run and Cal Alum Jason Kidd led the Mavericks to an NBA championship.

But wait, there’s more! Recent Cal grad and soccer extraordinaire, Alex Morgan, is currently the youngest player on team U.S.A., which just scored its second victory in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany.

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GO BEARS!!Go Alumni!

2011 has proven to be a pretty sweet year for Cal Alumni — okay, probably not for Rhetoric majors but definitely for the athletic type. Earlier this year, former Cal quarterback Aaron Rodgers led the Green Bay Packers to a Super Bowl title.

Now, in what has been called one of the greatest finals in NBA history, with the winner of three games in a row not determined until the final shot, the Dallas Mavericks, and former Golden Bear Jason Kidd, made the final game of the series a tad less nerve wrecking as they defeated the Miami Heat 105-95 to win their first ever NBA Championship.

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We walked into our last class of the week today, ready to relax and let the glory of Astronomy C10 (you know, that one class taught by like, the greatest professor ever) wash over us when we noticed that something was off. It seemed that our classmates had aged by a couple of decades since Wednesday!

We panicked, and looked around anxiously, thinking that this was some kind of sick demonstration by the mischievous Professor Filippenko to show the effects of cosmic time warps or something, but then we remembered that it was Homecoming week. And Homecoming means parents … and alumni. Everywhere.

We’re guessing that Filippenko’s entertaining and informative lectures got placed on some kind of “Berkeley treasures we need to show off while sugar mamas and daddies are here” list. In any case, the zany astronomer was in full form, talking about the planets, moons, and other spacey stuff. He even managed to work in a little spiel about global warming by using Venus as a vision of Earth’s possible overheated future. Hm … smart man, that Alex Filippenko.

Image Source: Jeffrey Silverman under Creative Commons

We love ourselves some “Get Fuzzy” comics–but when we tire of ye old cat-eat-dog slapstick, our eyes divert to the smart political commentary of “Candorville.” Obscure comic blog “Panels and Pixels” recently interviewed Darrin Bell, the Berkeley alumnus and cartoonist responsible for The Daily Californian’s favorite comic strip fixture. If you didn’t know, the strip is nationally syndicated and is quite a favorite in the Bay Area, where San Francisco Chronicle readers banded together to keep it in the paper.

Oh, and did we mention that Bell got his start at the Daily Cal?

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While the ASUC candidates were duking it out over god-knows-what in Barrows Hall, somewhere just out of earshot, the Superb Spring Concert rocked Lower Sproul Plaza. By the time the show started, most people knew that the “surprise” guests were, in fact, the Counting Crows, so we didn’t see anyone stalk off in a huff mumbling about how they’d heard William Shatner was coming.

If they sound familiar, but you can’t quite put a tune to a band name, the Counting Crows are most recently known for their Academy Award-nominated song, “Accidentally in Love,” but are much better known for their slightly-sporadic string of massive hits during the nineties. read more »