*Leading Off…Johnson Not the Best in the World*
We don’t care if Alysia Johnson finished short in her bid for world domination. We still think that she has given the best performance of any Cal athlete this year.

So what if she took sixth at the Pan-Am games? She still took NCAA Indoor and Outdoor titles, and she is the United States champion in the 800 meter.

After all that, is there any athlete that can do better than what she did this year?

Oh wait. Enter John Mann.

*Add That Gold Medal to Your Mantle John*
OK, so John Mann didn’t score any goals in Team USA’s gold medal victory over Brazil at the Pan-Am games. But he was still on the team. So he still gets that gold medal and that berth to the 2008 Olympics.

He did net a hat trick against Puerto Rico in the quarters though—but can’t anyone net three goals against Puerto Rico?

*Tyson Ross = Stud*
Cal pitcher Tyson Ross is a stud. We can’t wait to see him pitch next year. That’s all we’re saying.

*Gottlieb Added as Assistant Coach*
Three cheers for mediocrity!

Ben Braun added Gregg Gottlieb to his staff. Gottlieb comes to Cal after eight years at San Diego State. Yes, the Aztecs. Yes, the same SDSU that beat the Bears last year.

And sure, the Aztecs are now a contender in the Mountain West Conference, but for years, SDSU was one of those teams near the bottom. The bottom.

Image Source: David Belford, Daily Cal

We’re just going to say it, even though we’ve said it before—Alysia Johnson has got to be the Cal athlete of the year.

No one person has dominated her sport (actually event) like Johnson has this year. Sure Marshawn Lynch will make the big bucks playing for the Buffalo Bills and sure John Mann is the country’s top water polo player, but Johnson just defeated a bunch of pros—and no other athlete on this campus can say they’ve done that this year.

After winning the NCAA indoor and outdoor championship in the 800, Johnson went to the U.S. Track and Field Championships and took home a national title as well. So, the All-American can be called a three-time national champion.

And remember Johnson out-ran a bunch of professional athletes. We can’t stress that enough.

So now it’s off to Osaka, Japan in August for Johnson—as a member of the U.S. National Team. If she keeps this up, we think that Johnson will be wearing the red, white and blue once again next summer—but this time in the Olympics.

Image Source: David Belford, Daily Cal
Johnson Keeps Rolling With Another Championship [Daily Cal]

This is it. This is probably going to be the last WWCS—well, until all the Cal sports start up again in the fall. Like we said last week, it wouldn’t be a problem if the baseball team was in the NCAA tourney (and the College World Series) or if football was a year-round sport. But it was fun. The WWCS will see you in August.

*Leading Off … Pure Dominance*
Let’s just put Alysia Johnson in the Cal Hall of Fame already. Add the NCAA Outdoor championship in the 800 meter to her list of accomplishments. Add to that the fact that Johnson ran the 800 under two minutes! No other Bears athlete has done that.

But Johnson wasn’t the only Cal athlete to take hardware away from Sacramento this weekend. Kelechi Anyanwu took the women’s discus title as well, propelling the Bears women’s team to an eighth place finish at the NCAAs.

The men? Well, they finished 65th.

*Cal Baseball Gets Stiffed*
Okay, so the baseball team got snubbed from the playoffs, which sucks. But now the four guys whom everyone thought would get drafted didn’t.

Four Bears baseball players—Josh Satin, Alex Rollin, Jordan Karnofsky and Brett Munster—all thought that they’d go somewhere in the 50 rounds that comprised the Major League Baseball draft. But they didn’t.

Sucks for them.

*Ben Braun Has Probably Lost His Mind*
Ben Braun has announced a tentative schedule for the 2007-08 men’s basketball team, and let’s just say nothing really jumps out at us, except a Dec. 1 meeting at home against Mizzou.

Now, why do we mention that game? First, it’s the inaugural match for the Bears in the new Pac-10/Big-12 Series. But that really isn’t the point. The point is that it’s also the same day as The Big Game.

Our question, other than the alums and students who love basketball and don’t like football, who’s going to be in Haas Pavilion to watch Braun’s Bears struggle against the Tigers?

*Golden Bears*
_1) Alysia Johnson – track & field_
National champ.

_2) Kelechi Anyanwu – track & field_
Another national champ.

_3) Jeff Kobernus – baseball_
Freshman All-American.

There has been some awesomeness this weekend by Cal sports. So, we dedicate this edition of the Wide World of Cal Sports to our boy Dan Patrick as we steal his most well-known catch phrase, En Fuego.

*Leading Off…Who is this Cal Baseball team?*
Arizona State is the Pac-10’s best team this year. The Devils haven’t dropped a weekend series all year – until they came to Berkeley.

Esquer’s Bears somehow took two of three games from the Pac-10’s top team and they did it by smashing ASU’s guts in, especially on Sunday.

Oh, and Tyson Ross is amazing! Simply amazing!

But where did all this winning come from for Cal? It looks like a totally different team from the one that started the season.

Dare we say, En Fuego?

*Record Breakers*
Alysia Johnson’s been amazing ever since she got back from her injury. She’s broke record after record after record after record after record and won an NCAA Indoor title.

David Torrence also had an amazing weekend, as he broke a record over the weekend along with Alysia Johnson.

Dare we say, En Fuego?

*Not En Fuego*
There were a couple of sides that weren’t En Fuego over the weekend. Most notably the defending national championship men’s crew fell to No. 1 Washington. Slow starts and choppy waters will get to you.

The other not so En Fuego moment happen for the Cal women’s tennis team, or their singles players. Zsuzsanna Fodor, who was last year’s Pac-10 singles champion, was knocked out of the tournament this year in the second round.

Her doubles partner, Suzie Babos, made it to the finals of the singles bracket, but choked a chance away for the crown.

Not En Fuego.

*NFL Draft Recap*
Along with the other three guys that were drafted on the first day of the NFL Draft – Lynch, Mebane and Hughes – linebacker Desmond Bishop was picked up by the Green Bay Packers in the sixth round on Sunday.

So that makes it four former Bears making the jump from college to pro, not to mention any guys who’ll be trying out for teams within the next couple of weeks.

And at least Aaron Rodgers will get to play with a former Cal player up in Green Bay, though he didn’t play with Bishop.

*Golden Bears*
_1) Alysia Johnson – track_
Broke another record.

_2) David Torrence – track_
Broke a school record.

_3) Michael Brady – baseball_
First two career home runs.

Dare we say, En Fuego?