An exhibit kicking off this Saturday at the Lawrence Hall of Science will endeavor to demystify, deguiltify, decolor and debunk everything you ever thought you knew about RACE.

Several hands-on features of the exhibit cater specifically to us tactile learners: a scanning microscope which will match your very own skin tone with exotic “others,” a touch-screen take on the old school game of concentration involving vocal stereotypes, and an animated map tracing our roots from Africa.

Perhaps this exhibit, put together by the American Anthropological Association, will finally bring all you lingering polygenists up to speed. Yeah, we’re talking to you, you beard-sporting, sweater-vest-wearing, pipe-smoking, fine upholstery-sitting racist.

The exhibit will run until May 2.

Image Source: Colin Purrington under Creative Commons
RACE: Are We So Different? [Lawrence Hall of Science]