IMG_0440Yes, Andronico’s is on the pricey side of grocery stores, so it’s never been our favorite place to shop. However, it has a place in our heart. After all, where else do we go for our fancy cheeses and quick grocery runs on Telegraph? The staff is friendly and students get 5 percent off, making Andronico’s a neighborhood standby. Seriously, they’ve been around for 82 years.

So we are sad to announce the closing of the Andronico’s location on Telegraph and Derby. Soon we will have to trek all the way to Northside if we need our Andronico’s fix. read more »

From the gratuitous abundant food-related posts we’ve got here on the Clog, it’s pretty clear that we’re serious about our noms. And though it may seem like all we ever do is empty our pocketbooks eating at Berkeley’s almost finest, we Cloggers have been known to buy groceries, on occasion. To, you know, make our own food.

Trader Joe’s (University Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Way)

Image Source: Ricardo Barton
Image Source: Ricardo Barton

Having a Trader Joe’s so close to campus seems almost criminal — read more »

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. Add supermarket Andronico’s to the list of local restaurants who have already removed the delicacy from their menus in the wake of Berkeley City Council’s resolution

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My Father the Hero film condemning sale of foie gras.

All eight stores in the chain, which include four locations in Berkeley (where it originated 80 years ago), will officially halt sales—which, according to chief executive Bill Andronico, isn’t exactly a huge deal, considering that the chain on the whole has only sold “about one package of foie gras a year for the past several years.”

Bummer for that particular customer. Guess they’ll just have to seek out their canned products of horrific animal torture elsewhere.

Image Source: tifotter under Creative Commons
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