In these trying times, the internet is your only friend.

In these trying times, the internet is your only friend.

The final days of dead week are upon us and it seems that every Cal student is locked up in the library with only textbooks and a laptop for comfort (including us at the Clog, if you couldn’t tell). Still, even with only two days left until finals, it’s hard to force yourself to cram all day (that’s 12 hours of not having fun!) without the occasional sojourn to YouTube, Tumblr or Facebook. read more »

workin' hard

So, we’re not particularly surprised to hear this, because the Bay is awesome and brilliant and just all-around amazing, but a handful of Bay Area cities (namely SF and Oakland) have been declared to be some of the “smartest places to live.”

What does that mean, exactly? We’re not entirely sure.

According to NBC Bay Area, Portfolio magazine went a-hunting for the country’s most intellectual and successful cities — if you’re still confused as to how they figured that out, check out their list of criteria here.

Regardless of how Portfolio magazine figured it out, we’re happy with the results.

Although, considering the fact that we’ve spent the past weekend snoozing, boozing and perusing AnonCon instead of preparing for our upcoming finals like any right-minded academic should, we might have reason to doubt their accuracy. Whatever. We’ll welcome this bit of news with open arms and hope that our final grades will get a boost just by the fact that we’re taking exams in the Bay Area.

Image Source: tassie.sim under Creative Commons
No Duh? Bay Area Among Smartest Places to Live [NBC Bay Area]

That’s right, AnonCon is back. And despite the fact that it’s been up for more than 12 hours, there has been a rather paltry showing of anonymous confessions. So go, confess whatever’s on you mind and distract your friends and neighbors from their arduous finals studies. Think of it as a public service.

Happy studying (and procrastinating)!

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It’s time for ANONCON FALL 2010! [Livejournal]


Just kidding Anoncon, we could never replace you. However this twitter account “flirting-facilitator platform” likealittle comes quite close on the creepiness scale. The great thing about no internet was that people would keep their pervy thoughts to themselves, we hope. Now people get to publish their thoughts to the world, which scarfs it down faster than you can say “that’s creepy bro.”

Here’s how the site works. You basically type in where you are located, the sex and hair color and then you “flirt” aka “I just want to nomnom on you all day long” for example. Yes that was actually posted.

But really, we’re wondering if this actually works. Scenario: you are sitting in Cafe Milano, and need a brief study break, so obviously you go on the Clog site to have a read and stumble upon this article which links you to likealittle. Once there you notice a message ” At Cafe Milano: Male, Brunette. Your chargers hat makes me want to show you my sideboob,” read more »

Get ur hed out of tat big box of FAIL, kitteh!

Crap, you guys, AnonCon‘s back.

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AnonCon Spring 2010 [UCBLJ]

If Anoncon isn’t satisfying all of your procrastination needs, then head over to Facebook (aka the other finals time vortex) and check out the new UC Berkeley Texts From Last Night group. For those who aren’t religious TFLN readers, the site is essentially devoted to incriminating or amusing texts that the sender probably regrets (or doesn’t remember) sending.

Here’s some highlights from the new Berkeley-based version:

(916): Apparently ive been voted the sexiest man and sexiest woman on my floor.

(818): Just turned down a booty call to study. I think I’ve earned my grades and my dignity. read more »

confessionSo here we all were, a good couple hours into dead week, free of classes, with nothing to do but study and dread the approaching onslaught of finals. Perhaps you were working on a paper, making flashcards, doing practice finals or planning to do one or all of those things. But then … Anoncon appeared.

It’s a finals tradition as ingrained as the naked library run, in which UC Berkeley students blow off steam during finals by anonymously confessing their assorted misdeeds and deepest secrets.

And many of us must now come to the sad realization that instead of doing the many important things we should be doing, we’ll be squandering hours reading about the hottest GSIs and freshman admitting to having sex while their roommate was in the room.

Oh Anoncon, how we’ve missed you.

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UCB Anonymous Confessions [site]

Now that it’s midterm season, you may be just discovering that the campus libraries have made a few changes. Moffitt and the Main Stacks are now the only libraries open on Saturday (but at least they open at 9 a.m. instead of 2 p.m.) and finals 24-hour study hall is now a thing of the past. That’s right, no more Anoncon marathons or Main Stacks hookup fantasies.

Maybe students are still caught up in the spirit of protest due to the recent walkout or just really downright incensed that they can’t go to the Anthropology Library on Saturdays anymore (it is our favorite library on campus), but for whatever reason, the Anthropology Library has become the location for a 24-hour “study in.”

The tagline for the event is “last time we walked out … this time we’ll study in.” read more »


Oh, harsh realities of budget cuts! First you went for our classes, then our student fees and now, our time-honored final season all-night Anoncon … er, we mean study sessions.

You heard right, the UC Regents voted Chancellor Birgeneau announced last week at the UC Regents meeting to that the 24-hour study halls in university campus libraries during finals will end due to budget cuts. This in addition to the usual, cutting student jobs, GSIs and, now, instating furloughs for UC employees.

read more »

Mmm Coookiezzz.
Studyin’, bein’ productive, doin’ some studying … Surfin’ the interwebs, checkin’ Facebook … Now LiveJournal … Hey, is that AnonCon? It’s already back up? Oh em geez, we have to see if anyone’s said anything about us!

No, no, no. We can’t start reading that crap now. We have a final tomorrow at 8 a.m.  Shit, what time is it? Plus, it’s all just people bitching about their lives which are so embarrassing that they have to complain about them anonymously. But guessing who’s writing things is half the fun! The other half, obviously read more »

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