In these trying times, the internet is your only friend.

In these trying times, the internet is your only friend.

The final days of dead week are upon us and it seems that every Cal student is locked up in the library with only textbooks and a laptop for comfort (including us at the Clog, if you couldn’t tell). Still, even with only two days left until finals, it’s hard to force yourself to cram all day (that’s 12 hours of not having fun!) without the occasional sojourn to YouTube, Tumblr or Facebook. read more »

Get ur hed out of tat big box of FAIL, kitteh!

Crap, you guys, AnonCon‘s back.

Image Source: Chuckumentary under Creative Commons
AnonCon Spring 2010 [UCBLJ]

We’re craving some dirt, in a bad way. What has become a staple of the UC Berkeley LiveJournal community has been missing. Or maybe it’s just uber-late, but the usually oh-so-fabulous, oh-so-delicious, oh-so-juicy Anonymous Confessions haven’t been started by a moderator on the UC Berkeley LiveJournal community.And we’re saying we want it, and we want it BAD!The explanation from our lovely mods has been that they think they started the anoncon too early last year.Well, then if you don’t want to start it, someone will – and they did. Someone’s taken it in their own hands and started the anoncon, without the mods help!bq. I am so depressed I had to do this. What the hell, mods? But some people aren’t really into this whole anoncon Why would you want to do this? I can think of a bzillion better people to confess to. A priest? A shrink? A lawyer? random homeless guy at People’s Park? 90% of people here are utterly devoid of any compassion, sympathy, wisdom, or morals character. The so called “confessing” is nothimg more than a blatant act of attention whoring, from a cesspool of rancid, festering idiot and fuck-ups attending a third tier toilet. In fact, I would rather stick a number of pointy, phallic objects up my ass than reading through 50 pages of your boring, generic, inconsequential “confessions”. And I love my ass. bq. Having a crush on a GSI is not dirty secret, stealing your roommate’s leftover thai food is not a dirty secret. Nobody cares. Go murder a hooker with a chainsaw, then you got something to confess. Oh, get over yourself. You know you want it.