The wonderment surrounding the recently constructed Maximino Martinez Commons has subsided, but we still thought we’d answer some lingering questions about how the new residence hall has turned out.
Martinez lobby
Walking in, a common reaction has been “It looks like a museum!” The weird angles and wood/steel combos definitely give credit to that idea. The lure of brand spanking new apartments is also something to chat about. But other than its new, pretty fixings, we’ve starting to wonder if this dorm is really all it’s cracked up to be.

There were already issues surrounding the bathrooms before students even moved in. The confusion over gender inclusive versus gender designated ones was an interesting, to say the least, topic fluttering about the halls towards the beginning of the semester. That got sorted out though, so no real harm done. Now what else still needs fixing around the place?

For two days in the beginning of September, heating was turned up to full blast to get it up and running, as to avoid kinks during colder weather. Ice cream was handed out and shorts were worn, so again there was no real inconvenience. But another morning, residents woke up to no electricity. No lights, no working fridge, no internet. That’s right, no in-room connection to Facebook for almost an entire day! It turns out the main power transformer failed and was disabled. Hours later that same night a generator was installed, restoring power to the studying inhabitants. But power tests remained, and a few hours of electricity were still missed while a temporary transformer was installed. The building is now up and running (Facebook is once again available), but not exactly on a permanent basis yet.

The Martinez Commons are clearly a work in progress. But in exchange for mattresses no one has slept on before, we suppose some concessions must be made. It still has a great location, beautiful courtyard, clean bathrooms, and is a half block away from “late night” at Crossroads. This slightly defective but shiny new student home promises future comfort to its residents, it’s just not exactly perfect yet.

Image source: Erum Khan, The Daily Californian

apr Yes it’s that time of the year! Spring break?! No, no, not yet you silly. Apartment hunting!

As you may or may not know, now’s a good time to be looking for apartments as leasing contracts approach their end towards the summer. For those you already hunting for your next humble abode, the city is trying to crack down on people like Lakireddy Bali Reddy, who might make your experience living in an apartment miserable if not potentially fatal. Though crooks like Reddy are not that common, the ASUC Renter’s Legal Assistance site is a great resource to brush up on some knowledge to protect yourself against scamming landlords.

Most of you won’t have to deal with shady folks looking for apartments, but here are some tips from the Clog to help you out! read more »

Movies dedicated to mythologizing the hedonistic college lifestyle never show the disgusting drudgery we deal with when leaving a dwelling. For some reason, the Clog decided to list such horrors. Hope your May 31-June 1 transition went nicely.

  1. Ugh, Moving the Fucking FurnitureThis isn’t breaking news by any means, but moving furniture really fucking sucks. Your Ikea item is somehow as sharp as Einstein after Adderall lines and as slippery as Robert Dynes after getting “bad advice.” Your staircase is somehow as steep as the price for Stanford admission and as narrow as the minds of those who actually pay the admission (zing!). After a few hours of trying to navigate this mess without killing yourself, you slowly begin to realize that a desk-drawer crushing of your hand might be a good thing. No more moving, no more worries. Pay the hospital bill, and let your roomies do the rest.
  2. Covering For the BailerIf only there were bounty hunters for that roommate who bails without cleaning communal spaces. There should be a Berkeley ordinance against doing this.

    Bailer: Well, I’m off to bigger and better things. Good luck with the broken tea set and the corpse that somehow got crazy-glued to the back of the fridge.

    You: When we exchange awkward glances in front of Dwinelle five months from now, this will be the reason why, you fucking asshole.

    Bailer: Oh, is that your poker set in the living room by the way? If not, I kind of want it.

  3. Fretting About the DepositIt’s a bit like studying for a Humanities test: True, extra effort will theoretically improve your lot. But honestly, who the fuck knows? If you were smart enough to estimate things like the cost of hookah coal burns, you wouldn’t have played football indoors in the first place. And you wouldn’t have made a drinking game out of it.
  4. The Damned KitchenUnless you lived in the Sorority House for Nuns With OCD (we hear that place is still more fun than living in Foothill, by the way), your kitchen was probably incredibly revolting on move-out day.

    Question: What would happen if Cheeseboard went out of business, they never threw out their merchandise, and the city took a year to clean up the mess?

    Answer: Take a whiff of your kitchen and try not to die.

  5. The New AbodeOh God, more work. Yeah, moving into a new place is exciting. Then the sobering reality sets in: You’ll have to go through the same shit again, next summer.