Sometimes trying to keep organized at Berkeley makes us feel the way we do when we’re holding our Tully’s and sense a sneeze coming on – helpless! Hopefully these useful apps for the iPhone – all of which are free – will help put a lid on that life of yours. (To download, open iTunes and click on the iTunes Store tab, then search by app name.)

NextBus – Tells you the next arriving buses according to your location using GPS technology and includes all AC Transit buses, but also the Lawrence Lab and other loop buses too.

ASUC – An assortment of great campus-related tools for students from the ASUC. We especially love the real-time monitors that display how full places like RSF and the campus libraries are.

UCBearWALK – Request a Bearwalk escort from your phone, or track North/South Night Safety Shuttles in real time.

UC Berkeley Mobile – Created by the university itself, this app features helpful, general course information and library tools for current students. It’s also especially handy for incoming students (or even visiting family) with features like interactive maps, tour information and upcoming events.

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Do you find yourself going to one too many weddings and bachelor parties? Isn’t looking for the respective photos on Facebook or Flickr annoying? Well, the Clog doesn’t find itself in these situations, but Capsule certainly thinks you do.

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mobile appHere’s a dream come true: Henceforth we’ll be able to carry the spirit of our beloved school with us, ever near our nimble fingers with the UC Berkeley Mobile app.

Imagine all the questions you’ll finally have answered. Which of our uncancelled sports teams are going to be playing this weekend? When was that marvelous floral felt pin workshop at the UC Botanical Gardens again? You simply must know. And how do you contact your professor since you seem to have lost all copies of all your course syllabi and bSpace isn’t loading? The answers … we don’t know, but presumably the UC Berkeley Mobile app will.

Now if only they had maps of Dwinelle in there too.

Image source: iTunes App Store