He goes by Bernie, just Bernie. He is a 50-something year old man who grows Gravestein apples in Anderson, California. To the Berkeley Farmer’s Market each week he trucks crates of the wondrous fruit and bottles home-brewed ruddy, autumnal juices and vinegar derived from them. Some of his apple trees are a century old. His philosophy is simple, “To get good apples you need to take care of the trees.”
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apple plug

Allo and welcome to another tech tip! Since we had a tech tip mainly focused on Windows based computers last week, we decided its time to let the Mac users shine a bit. Well, “shine” as in expose potential problems. But surely, Macs don’t break right? read more »

Allo, allo fellow Bears! How is summer treating you? Tanning lots? No? Staying inside all day just staring at the computer screen? We knew it! Go outside and get some fresh air.

But if you insist on staying inside, here are some tips on getting that ol’ laptop a little more speedy when you turn it on. read more »

stevejobs memory Unless you were too busy studying for midterms, you might have noticed the passing of a technological giant in the industry. Whether you like Apple’s products or not, you have to admit Steve Jobs did a lot more than what normal people do in a lifetime. But was the timing of Jobs’s biography an insensitive marketing plan?

If you’re looking for a book review, you won’t find it here. The Clog won’t spoil anything here, but we will mention the author of this increasingly popular biography had a close relationship with Apple man himself. Walter Isaacson is also the author of “Einstein: His Life and Universe” (2007) and “Benjamin Franklin: An American Life” (2003). The beginning of the Jobs biography goes about saying how it came into being, and it sounds honest enough. However, did it really have to come out just weeks after Jobs’s passing? We’re pretty sure the book would have done well, but with his recent death, sales would naturally be expected to be higher.

“It doesn’t really surprise me they released it like that, with the timing of his passing,” said senior Anthony Barone, a geophysics major who works at the Cal Student Store. read more »


STOP! … Now look around.

Whether you’re in a dorm room, at a café, in a lecture hall, awkwardly standing in the middle of Sproul Plaza because we told you to stop (you can move now), the signature products he invented are visible anywhere you look.

Think of the many times you’ve walked by a person this week and noticed the trademark white headphones glued to their ears. Think of the many envious glares you’ve given the people you see chatting on their iPhone 4 or blissfully playing a game of Angry Birds on their iPads. Most importantly, however, think about the device you’re using to read this post or the one you used when you heard the tragic news. Is it an iMac? A MacBook Pro? Even it isn’t a Mac, virtually every single product that Steve Jobs and company created read more »

iphone 5 troll

Finally! A brand new iPhone for the fanboys to get their hands on! Don’t have one? Join the club but don’t get disappointed when another version comes out in another year or so.

Apple Inc. recently announced the iPhone 4S to the world … but what about the iPhone 5? Rumors have been swarming around its release weeks beforehand, but Apple decided not to go with a complete redesign. read more »

So we’re pretty sure Apple is going to take over the world pretty soon. All it needs to do is produce PC-eating Macs and buy out Google. In its latest bid for world domination, Apple’s hitting the books.

The company recently released iTunes U, a platform for universities like Berkeley to share its recorded lectures and events. It’s just like webcasting, but this stuff will go straight to your iPod. Or it will be lost with all those thousands of music tracks you’ve downloaded while “studying.”

Now iTunes can actually help you study. The Daily Cal reports that iTunes U houses “more than 10.6 million MP3 files from the campus, including 3,000 hours of lecture from more than 80 courses.” If you’re a science major, this is good news for you.

Berkeley separates its section of iTunes U into courses, events, research and campus life. Under courses, the section boasts:
* Computer Science, 436 tracks
* Chemistry, 137 tracks
* Physical Sciences, 383 tracks
* Arts & Humanities, 110 tracks
* Engineering, 433 tracks
* Social Sciences, 585 tracks
* Biological Sciences, 253 tracks
* Natural Resources, 150 tracks
* Information Science, 53 tracks

Like we said, science majors, good game. Humanities never gets webcasted. Sad face.

The Berkeley page is a little bare bones right now. And we hate to say it, but Stanford’s page looks so much more organized than ours.

But never mind that. We quickly browsed the offerings and made our selection: an arts lecture entitled “Ballet and Sex.” We dunno. It sounded good at the time. Stop judging us.

Oh, man. Only Berkeley students would listen to a lecture during summer break. We need a job. Perhaps iTunes will need a dominating henchman. Who likes ballet and sex.

Apple Venture Lets iTunes Users Listen In On Campus Lectures [Daily Cal]