We thank and commend in advance all you diligent students that (try to) hand out flyers on Sproul, but today we don’t have all nice things to say about your little squares of paper. If you’re only doing it because your respective club is forcing you to, even though you hate approaching apathetic fellow students, you just might be interested in this.


A new phone application is now available called Campus Quad, which updates you on events in and around Berkeley. It lets you browse through a live feed of current events, telling you all the ‘what,’ ‘who,’ ‘when’ and ‘wheres’ you need to attend. Groups can go on themselves and add their own events too. It basically tells you everything you need to know to keep up to date with the latest happenings — without the crinkle and hassle of paper.


Physical flyers often just get tossed out, scattered on the ground, or used as scratch paper to write down hasty to-do lists that will never get done. Not only would this digital route to publicity be saving trees (don’t worry, we’re not advocating the saving of cardinals), it would eliminate some of read more »

This guy wrote a good resume.

This guy wrote a good resume.

A new term and a new year have put us in the mood to really apply ourselves. Specifically, by applying to jobs and internships. And like most processes of applying oneself, securing a coveted position starts off with a proper resume. Whether your current resume is already bursting at the margins or is no more than a blank sheet of paper, a hilarious (read: irritating) list of the “Top 5 Intern Resume Mistakes,” recently put together by Politico’s James Kotecki, may point in the right direction. Or at least point out what he, James Kotecki, deems to be the wrong directions, leaving you to figure the rest out for yourself.

We’ve perused Mr. Kotecki’s list of mistakes -

5. High School is Over
4. Useless Padding
3. You Did WHAT?
2. Obvious Typos
1. You Don’t Match. At ALL

- and consolidated it into two points for your reading convenience. According to Kotecki:

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If we had a dollar for every application... we could afford the fee increases

If we had a dollar for every application... we could afford the fee increases

It’s January. For some, this might mean a struggle with New Year’s resolutions. For hordes of high school seniors, this means that after endlessly reworking personal statements and trudging through baffling admissions websites, college applications are finally submitted. Reflecting on own days back in high school — a decidedly surreal and mildly uncomfortable experience — we can take heart in knowing that no matter how competitive admissions seemed then, it was not as bad as now: Seniors applied in record numbers this year, with UC Berkeley garnering more than 52,000 new applications — topped only by UCLA (with 61,000) and UC San Diego (with 53,000).

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In case midterms and protests haven’t kept you busy enough, consider joining the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) student government. Perks include boosting your resume and finding out what exactly the ASUC does—for more information, check ‘em out on Twitter or their main page.

You can drop off your Candidate Filing form on the 4th floor of Eshleman Hall throughout the week. Applications are due by 5pm on Friday (March 12). Get cracking.

Want to run for ASUC elections? [Twitter]
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If you haven’t noticed already (and who hasn’t, with the News Feed stronger than ever), Facebook introduced new applications that users can add to their profiles. On Thursday, the Facebook Blog left a cryptic message about its Facebook Platform:

bq. You may have heard that we just unveiled the next evolution of Facebook Platform. Our new stuff will be going live sometime tonight, so definitely stay tuned on the site and on the blog for more information tomorrow.

And then it rained applications. Everbody and their mothers (because they can use Facebook now too) are adding the latest doodads to their profiles.

After an intense coffee session, we decided to test drive a random smattering of applications. Not because we’re cool or anything, but mostly because it’s summer and we don’t want to clean out the fridge just yet.

Music Applications
uPlayMe tells everyone what you’re listening to and makes you look like a douche in the process. We were gung-ho until it asked us to complete “just two easy steps”:

bq. Step 1) Create a uPlayMe account (do this below, its easy!)
Step 2) Get our awesome uPlayMe software (next page)


iLike lets you add music to your profile. Apparently you can also get free mp3′s.

Through the application, we updated our profile to say we are going to the Daft Punk concert. This makes us cool.

It also suggested free mp3′s to download based on our music preferences listed on our profile. None of them looked appealing, and so we didn’t even bother.

As it stands, the application is a bit confusing, but it looks promising. Plus, eight of our friends just added it.

Other Applications
Extended Info is straightforward. It allows you to add more information to your profile, like new favorite categories to fill out or even a self-created survey. It’s very bare bones, but it made us happy.

HotLists is essentially an extension of the Interests section on your profile, but in a picture-format. Nobody has time to read words anymore. In the year 2000, everything will be in images and symbols.

It’s a little unnecessary, but we were excited to see 22 different images relating to our search for “porn.” We then cried when “emo” came up with 26 results, the no. 1 being Girls Gone Wild.

30 Boxes Calendar, we assume, is similar to a Google Calendar. We don’t know because we kept getting error messages and it took forever to load. And we were so optimistic.

Personally, we think the applications are fun to mess around with. They definitely give us something to do (i.e. figure out how the hell these things work) during summer.

However, it seems the launch was a bit hasty. Many of the applications still have kinks to work out, and it would have been better to delay the release to make things run smoother. Either that, or Facebook should have released the applications under a beta testing caveat.

The Facebook Platform makes us hate Facebook less than the News Feed, but we’re still pretty sure Mark Zuckerberg is trying to suck our souls.

Facebook Platform is here. [Facebook Blog]
Application Directory [Facebook]