So the BAM has been having a rough time lately. First they wanted to build a new space and they hired architect Toyo Ito to help them. Then, whoops, they discovered it was “prohibitively expensive” and they ended their relationship with Ito, deciding instead to relocate to Center and Oxford in downtown Berkeley. And now they’re looking for architects again.

Don’t get too excited, though, freelance architects (oh yeah, we know you’re out there)–they’ve already solicited 10 firms and they are naming their designer in June. They’re being adorably coy about the solicited firms, but they will confirm that read more »

AlleyIf you’re like us, you have only a vague notion of what UC Berkeley’s urban design school actually does. Well, based on this project by professor Nicholas de Monchaux, you were basically exactly right. His team hopes to take San Francisco’s neglected nooks and abandoned crannies and … make them better.

Here’s the lowdown: dense cities tend to have a lot of unused space. Dingy, awful space. We’re talking the allies behind buildings, stretches by freeway on-ramps, concrete stretches near industrial parks—space that is technically owned by the city but is not able to be sold and serves no purpose beyond rat real estate. read more »


This is a teeny bit old, but we think it’s cool enough (albeit kind of unlikely to come to fruition) to post about anyway:

Ronald Rael, a Berkeley professor of architecture, has come up with a plan that would turn the now-unused section of the Bay Bridge into a park and other stuff that you can’t drive on, like a bicycle pathway, rental residential areas, swimming pools and tennis courts. read more »