It’s no secret that Cal’s graduation speakers are consistently lamer than comparable universities’. There a few reasons for this, one of which is union picketing. Demanding UC Berkeley action toward a smorgasboard of social issues, two unions have effectively set up a picket line that at least two speakers – one for the Chicano/Latino and one for the English graduation ceremony – will not cross. read more »

A group of people outside of California Hall are protesting that Arizona bill you may have heard about recently. Apparently, they’re willing to stay for up to a week or until the chancellor/other bigshots give them what they want. Which isn’t just about SB 1070:

The strikers also demanded that campus administrators drop all student conduct charges against activists, implement a “democratic student-led” process for examining the code of student conduct, accept responsibility for clashes between demonstrators and police during the Nov. 20 Wheeler Hall occupation, end layoffs of low-wage employees and rehire already laid-off union workers.

Further updates are likely to come as they develop.

Protesters Stage Hunger Strike Outside California Hall [Daily Cal]
Image Source: doobledubz under Creative Commons