The duo suspected of stealing from open houses was arrested today, police said. Thirty-year-old Paul McClung, pictured right, and 59-year-old Carol Ann Chapman allegedly posed as son and mother looking for a house together. According to the police, Chapman talks to the realtor while McClung steals wallets and purses.

The two were arrested while driving a rented Hummer out-of-state. The Chron reports that the “OnStar vehicle tracking system led police to the pair.”

During one open house, the pair allegedly made off with an officer’s badge.

bq. At a recent open-house in Oakland, McClung stole a badge belonging to a former Santa Barbara police officer, police said. On June 10, he appeared at a Kensington real-estate office with the badge on his belt, claimed to be an officer moving to the area from San Diego and asked for a listing of all open houses, police said. During the visit, he allegedly stole a wallet.

We don’t know how many wallet-snatchings the Chron mentioned in this one story, but whatever the amount, that’s crazy.

We wonder if the team saw our excitement over a recent open house in the area. We were just kidding about the caviar.

Image Source: The Daily Cal
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