Bu-but I dun wanna live in a box!So we all know that the fate of the suckers in the social sciences is to live in a cardboard box and frequent the local coffee shop, looking glum and gaunt, while nursing a double shot of espresso and philosophizing with a fellow box-dweller about Kierkegaard. But the other day, we heard a joke that cut straight to our feeble academic hearts: Q: “What’s the difference between a Segway and a humanities major?” A: “At least a Segway is useful.”

We’re a little desensitized to the whole buzz-killing, “What are you gonna do when you graduate?” question, and the attack on our future domicile is just absurd (We mean, we’ll be couch surfing or in a nice sleeping bag along the sidewalk, at least), but being compared—topped, rather—by the transportation industry’s equivalent of orthopedic shoes is just too much. read more »