Two UC Berkeley professors are helping the Google giant out in cosmic ways. To release its new Sky in Google Earth program, Google enlisted the help of Professor Geoffrey Marcy, who studies astronomy and finds planets outside our solar system.Marcy and his international team gave Google coordinates to more than 200 planets around almost 200 stars. Joshua Bloom, an assistant professor of astronomy, assisted with a newer part of the program: Now, Google Sky sends real-time updates on flashing objects in the real sky.Yay, they even have flashing stuff! That sounds like druggie heavens.Bloom showed Sky during his opening lecture for an introductory astro class, kinda like when your teacher asks you what you did for summer vacation, except this time he tells you what he did. As for the class’s reaction? NewsCenter doesn’t say. But Bloom may see a future written in the stars.Image Source: Chris Dick under Creative CommonsAstronomers eager to add to Sky in Google Earth [NewsCenter]

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