The discerning sunbather will notice that Memorial Glade is no longer as it once was. Picket fences litter the grass. The ground is beginning to bald in some spots and turn to swamp in others. And then the Chancellor went and built hisself a humble domicile on top of it all, replete with crystal chandeliers and lavishly sculpted shrubbery. We’re pretty sure he threw some pretty sick parties in there, ones that none of us were invited to. Sulky face.

That’s all a long and convoluted way of saying that our favorite patch of jumbo lawn is getting rehauled by the university this semester. The restoration’s going to start hogging up space starting now, but the hardcore fences are expected to go up in November. Sound familiar? That’s because the university’s on something of a roll, what with the Sather Gate restoration getting underway this week as well. Bummer – we’re not sure where we’re going to go to chuck frisbees at Fido anymore.  Fie on construction!

Image Source: jasonunbound under Creative Commons
Turf restoration to close Memorial Glade [Berkeley News]