flava flavIt’s that time of year again. No, not spring break, ASUC Elections or midterms … we’re talking about Daylight Savings Time, of course. We’ll save you the trouble of figuring out whether ”spring forward, fall back” means you’re gonna lose an hour or gain an hour of sleep.

 This Sunday, March 14, at 2 a.m. you switch your clock forward to 3 a.m., meaning that you lose an hour. You can blame George Vernon Hudson, an entomologist (insect scientist) from New Zealand, who first proposed the holiday in 1895. But for some reason, DST is not observed in Arizona, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands.

 According to Wikipedia, “springing forward” was originally introduced to reduce evening usage of incandescent lighting but the extra sunlight has also helped reduce traffic fatalities and crime. Don’t worry, you’ll get that hour back in November.

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Daylight Savings Time 2010 and Time Change [associated content]


In case midterms and protests haven’t kept you busy enough, consider joining the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) student government. Perks include boosting your resume and finding out what exactly the ASUC does—for more information, check ‘em out on Twitter or their main page.

You can drop off your Candidate Filing form on the 4th floor of Eshleman Hall throughout the week. Applications are due by 5pm on Friday (March 12). Get cracking.

Want to run for ASUC elections? [Twitter]
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In the (approximate) words of President Barack Obama, “Yes it can!” Finally, the ASUC has come up with a bill that would both be actually worth considering and might pass without a shit-ton of useless squabbling. (Cross your fingers … )

Now. You may be wondering to yourself, “What, pray tell, could this magical bill be, that will be cool and awesome and will save the student body thousands of needlessly spent dollars?” read more »

ASUC-athon 2009: Done… NOT! Student Action swept the executive offices. Whoop-dee-freakin’ doo. Because, you know, the differences between Student Action and CalSERVE are so

Red Dragon the movie

marked and important. And like, Will Smelko, Tu Tran, John Tran and Dani Haber were all such substantial candidates with solid platforms. Good for you, guys. Seriously. May you be somewhat less incompetent than your predecessors.

Um, yeah. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s the full list of senators (in order of most votes): read more »


Dude, we’d totally vote for your mom IYKWWM. Click pic for a larger version.

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Earlier: CalSERVE Flyers Deck the Wheeler Halls

As most of you probably didn’t know, yesterday the Daily Cal’s 2009 ASUC Elections Forum was held in 20 Barrows from 5 to roughly 7 p.m. In case you missed it and didn’t really want to go either—or even hear about it in any way, shape or form—the Clog will obligingly provide a rough overview of the highlights.

First, we kind of got in a little late, right as Beetle was arguing against something to do with changing that whole “1000 students to sign a recall petition” dealy. After that came up the candidates for Student Advocate to give their 2 minute spiels, followed by those for Executive VP, then Academic Affairs VP, External Affairs VP and finally President.

Things we took out of this: read more »

Ruby Elizabeth LeeEvante Garza-LicudineJill CowanChristine BordenDiana Newby

This fearless team of Cloggers is ready to document you/your sign-holding minion. If you’re campaigning on campus for the ASUC elections, and you accost one of us, we will whip out our cameras and ask you a few questions. You’ve been warned.

Be prepared for silly questions, and no, we won’t take your flyers. We want to meet you (or your freshman volunteer) to understand why you’ve decided to instill so much fear and anxiety in the casual Upper Sproul Plaza stroller.

Brian Regan: I Walked on the Moon trailer

Now that ASUC Senator John Moghtader has been recalled, he’s ready to get even. He still retains his seat, and Judicial Council proceedings wait on his release of the Eshleman fight video. But pal Yoni Weinberg decided to share another kind of video with the Clog.

read more »

With ASUC elections come kickoff parties. Here’s an large list of campaign kickoff events that promise free food. If you’re skilled enough/really sad, you won’t even have to buy groceries this week.

If you know of any other campaign kickoffs that have free food, please let us know in the comments section.

Tuesday, March 17
6 p.m.

* Isaac Miller (AAVP, CalSERVE) at 182 Dwinelle Hall
* Romina Keshishyan and Amani Jadallah (Senators, CalSERVE) at 243 Dwinelle Hall

Wednesday, March 18
6 p.m.
* John Tran (AAVP, Student Action) at Barrows Hall
* Sam Lee (Senator, APPLE Engineering/Student Action) at Barrows Hall
* Anish Gala (Senator, Unite GREEK/Student Action) at Sigma Chi. Cheesy sticks!

read more »


Last week Student Action announced its executive slate. This week it’s CalSERVE’s turn. We’ve already spotted Student Action flyers. Let the ASUC elections games begin!

We’ll be prepared for anonymous comments from either party’s minions, illegal and rampant chalkings, and the incessant pesterings of ASUC hopefuls around Sather Gate.

Even fashion mag BARE is jumping into the student politics under the flimsy pretense that “voting is always in vogue.” Sure, if you think people holding giant signs with names of hopeful senators is haute couture.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a list of campaign kickoffs so that you can score free food from the candidates who will be bugging you after spring break.

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