yourmomWe’re in the throes of ASUC elections (ah, so that’s what those mobs of overly enthusiastic campaigners are doing on Sproul … it’s okay, we had a hard time deciphering the jibber-jabber they would throw at us too; it all sounded like random sequences of numbers interspliced with overly long names and, god, their smiles were too blindingly big, of course we couldn’t hear them right).

Anyway, we were wondering what in the world would motivate students to volunteer their time as glorified humanoid A-frames for a few days. Their answers were unexpected and uplifting: read more »

Approaching Upper Sproul Plaza after a long day of class, expect a clear, unobstructed view of the herd of ravenous sign-wielders waiting to latch onto you with homing-missile determination. Oh, and say goodbye to the morning jackhammer serenade on your way to Dwinelle Hall.  For those of you who have been avoiding this terrifying region of campus altogether lately, the construction work is gone; Sather Gate has returned! read more »