State legislators, including Leland Yee and Roy Ashburn, have officially called shenanigans on the UC system’s freewheeling ways. Five legislators authored a bill to remove the UC system’s autonomy and allow the state to meddle in setting UC policy. According to Yee’s chief of staff, the UC Regents have been acting “above the law,” Night Passage buy

citing executive pay raises coupled with student fee hikes as a particular offense.

Not that we wouldn’t be amused by a showdown between the UC Regents and the state government, but isn’t this the same state government that is proposing the elimination of the Cal Grant program and already cuts tens of millions of dollars from the UC system?

Wait, how is this going to help again?

Image Source: Joe Gratz under Creative Commons
UC’s autonomy may be removed [Daily Cal]
State may discontinue Cal Grant program [Daily Cal

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