If you’ve been feeling the lack of awesomeness and/or mathematical concepts in your life (not that mathematical concepts aren’t awesome), then you’ll appreciate a recent project by musician Michael John Blake. Just in time for Pi Day on Mar. 14, Blake decided to musically interpret pi by exchanging the numbers, up to 31 decimal places, for both notes and chords. He then recorded a track at 157 beats per minute – that is, one-half of 314. The finished product is actually pretty good, considering it is a song based off an irrational number.

Video Source: michaeljohnblake under Creative Commons
Ever Wonder What a Musical Interpretation of Pi Sounds Like? [SF Weekly]


For all our bitching, it seems that our fair city has kept its economic footing remarkably well throughout this whole recession thing. The Berkeley City Council passed a neat budget this week; no layoffs and about one percent growth. Whether a result of good governance or just another manifestation of our singular un-normalness, we could care less. We’ll take it, and we’re not about to toss out the recession card either, which has nicely excused our financial shortcomings thus far. For the curious, here’s the scoop and a theory or two on our unique little prosperity: read more »