Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you already know that it’s Big Game Week! This means a slew of fun stuff on and around campus. On Monday there was a cable car rally in San Francisco. Tuesday saw the Tree-chopping Rally in front of Sproul Hall, and Wednesday night was the Laugh Your Axe Off comedy show. Thursday there’ll be the Night Rally starting at Bowles and marching around campus for all to hop in on. Finally, the Friday night before the game will be the Big Game Rally, complete with fireworks for the very first  time!

Try to catch as much of this week’s happenings as you can. But for those of you who’ve missed some, we’ve generously chronicled what Sproul’s looked like thus far.

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The Cal Straw Hat Band and Cal Dance kicked off Tuesday's rally, with Oski sauntering in and out of the action as usual.

The Cal Straw Hat Band and Cal Dance kicked off Tuesday's rally, with Oski sauntering in and out of the action as usual.

Cal Forestry enthusiastically obeyed the crowd's chants of "Chop that wood!" We all showed great appreciation of mascots here. Especially when the club announced they would be selling shirts that say "Not all trees deserve a hug".

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The Clog would be amiss to say that it’s surprised that the Golden Bears lost yesterday to Stanfurd 20-13. In fact, we would go as far to say that the entire student section was expecting a loss after seeing how Nate Longshore was throwing the ball during the first offensive series. He once again was able to find the open receivers but consistently under threw the majority of his passes.Coach Jeff Tedford’s ironclad faith in his quarterback (the last time another QB took a snap was during the Oregon State game) has caused the once-savior of Cal football to lose some of his luster. This game was once again marked by continuous calls from the student section for Kevin Riley to replace Nate-Nate. How ironic is it that the person who made the single biggest blunder of the season has his name chanted the most during games?The Clog would like to sympathize with Lavelle Hawkins, who played his last Big Game. After making many jaw-dropping catches throughout the entire season, the Hawk dropped two passes that would have brought the Bears within a PAT of a tie. The Hawk is likely loading up blame upon himself but should rest assured that no one is singling him out for the loss.The Golden Bears also consistently ran into trouble with the referees. Bonehead plays led to the Bears racking up 88 more yards in penalties than the Cardinal. A complete lack of focus did the Bears in.Oddly enough, even with the loss Cal was given a bid to the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl. The Clog, for one, would like to respectfully decline the invitation because this Golden Bears team does not deserve to have a post-season game.Moving beyond the depressing outcome, the Clog was impressed with the newly rebuilt Stanford Stadium. The breathtaking stadium was built in only 42 weeks, yet we’re still putting the final touches on the Underhill parking lot. Even with a new stadium and the fact that the Cardinal’s arch nemesis was in town, Stanfurd’s overflow student section was more than half-empty.To add to that, the tailgating at the Big Game was lacking a certain element. Stanfurd alumni seemed to be unaware of the fact that the Big Game was taking place in a mere few hours. For most of them it was a time to meet up with some old friends and possibly attend the actual football game. Such is the sorry state of Cardinal football, but things look like they are turning around under the stewardship of Coach Jim Harbaugh.The entire day for Cal athletics wasn’t a loss. The Cal men’s water polo team beat Navy to once again place itself in the national championship game. Today it finished off the tournament with a win over USC for its 13th championship. Also, the Golden Bears basketball squad notched another win to remain undefeated. Unfortunately, the Clog was not able to be present for the Bear’s biggest out-of-conference game because of poor scheduling.Image Source: George Derk, Daily CalCal Loses the Axe After 20-13 Loss in 110th Big Game [The Daily Cal]


 Unfortunately, the coveted Stanford Axe is now in the hands of its “original” owner–hands that, incidentally, needed a crash course in the rules of football before the game took off today. How ironic.So we lost to the Cardinal for the first time in six years. Don’t lose hope. The Clog feels your pain and has compiled a list of things you can do to ease the hurt before finals kick in.
* Eat some chocolate with John Scharffenberger at the Botanical Garden on Sunday at 2 p.m. Yay for endorphins!* If laughter is the best medicine, then laugh at gravity with Circus Oz, performing at Zellerbach Hall on Sunday at 3 p.m.* We would also like to remind you that the Tang Center is there for you on Bancroft Way and Fulton Street and “can help with crisis intervention and debriefing in the event of a death or other tragedy”–in this case, the death of a perfectly alright football season.

We’re going to go study for finals now.Image Source: Jessica KuoCal Loses the Axe After 20-13 Loss in 110th Big Game [Daily Cal]