Whenever you find yourself thinking that being a student at UC Berkeley is mediocre, like any other campus, or no big deal-why don’t you stop and think about the people who almost, but not quite, went here. People like Kevin Hart, the high school offensive lineman who cried Cal recruitment and later faced total embarrassment when Jeff Tedford revealed that he had no idea who Hart was. Or maybe you can think about Azia Kim–a girl who friends thought would attend “a community college and then (transfer) to UC-Berkeley.” Rather than live a legitimate life, however, she decided to fake enrollment at Stanford University.

Most recently, there is Omar Khan of Tesoro High School. He hacked into his school’s computer system, changed his F’s to A’s, and was only caught “when he requested a copy of his official transcript while applying to the University of California, Berkeley.” Busted! At age 18, he now faces up to 38 years in prison.

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800px-south-bend-college-football-hall-of-fame-blocking.jpg Remember the bizarre story about Stanford University reject, Azia Kim? She spent 8 months convincing everyone she was a student at the Palo Alto campus before being busted by their housing department last May. The incident sparked an online sensation among college kids nationwide–especially here at UC Berkeley. Many students even wondered if such brazen trickery occurs on our own campus. Fortunately, the Clog now has an answer: “Yes, it does occur. Kind of. Almost.”

Meet Kevin Hart, an offensive lineman from Nevada who told his hometown reporters that Jeff Tedford wanted him bad. To put it briefly, people didn’t believe it and eventually revealed Hart’s recruitment story to be a complete fabrication by Hart himself (though he initially said someone probably conned him.)

You may be tempted to call him the Azia Kim of Cal athletics, but his con only lasted a few days. To mention both impostors in the same breath would totally dishonor Kim’s impressive 8-month stint, especially since Hart’s plan was condemned to failure the moment he made the absurd claim.

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