glassesConsidering that they live a lifestyle that requires extreme agility and lightning-fast reflexes, it may come as a surprise that recent research shows that babies perceive movement differently than adults.

The study, done by UC Davis graduate student Faraz Farzin with Davis associate professor Susan Rivera and UC Berkeley associate professor David Whitney, found that babies can’t recognize individual changes from one minute to the next if they occur faster than every half a second.

Researchers tracked the eye movements in 6- to 15 month-old babies by showing them four color-changing squares. While three of the squares changed from black to white, the other changed from white to black and was logically the one that should stick out the most.

However, babies did not spend more time looking at this one, which indicates they did not notice the difference. Babies may not be able to see very well, but they’ve kind of got it made, not having to feed themselves or anything.

Image Source: Lee Stranahan under Creative Commons
Speed limit on babies’ vision [Science Blog via UC Berkeley NewsCenter]


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