That faces wall isn't there anymore!Amidst all the hustle and bustle of your first day back at school, you might have noticed a certain climate shift about the campus. No, not that kind of climate shift, we mean an economic climate shift. Faculty and students alike have been all abuzz about the budget crisis, prophesying doom and whatnot, but one man has managed to put on a happy face about it all.

That man is Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, who seems oddly chipper in a video “back-to-school message” that the news center just published. In it, he basically says that things have been better and we’re still awesome and don’t worry about your academic experience because the most valuable lessons come from just being in college with a diverse group of peers, anyway.  Truer words have never been spoken. Oh wait–yes they have.

Nevertheless, we can’t blame the guy for trying to project optimism. We mean, we doubt making a video welcoming everyone back to campus then telling them to panic and run for their lives would have been very productive. So it’s a good thing he didn’t do that, we guess.

Image Source: caramida under Creative Commons
Welcome to UC Berkeley- 141 years and counting [NewsCenter]