A little while back Chancellor Birgeneau informed us of the soon-to-be-launched “Operational Excellence Project“—hiring a private consulting firm (for a cool 3 mil) to help UC Berkeley run its business more efficiently, a move that was itself the object of some controversy. Well, the consultants did their homework and the results are in. Verdict: We’re a bunch of F*CKING AMATEURS (in so many words). Their findings and suggestions below: read more »

consultingSo, we at the Clog haven’t been talking much about “Operational Excellence”—a plan which includes bringing in Bain & Company, a consulting firm, to advise the UC Berkeley campus on how to cut costs—but plenty of other people have.

The basic idea, announced a little over a week ago, is simple, the consultants will look at and analyze campus operations and make an objective determination of where cuts should be made with the current budget. However, as you might imagine, they’re not working for free, and the consulting will cost in the neighborhood of $3 million. read more »