As students here, the midterm season and academic grind in general have surely worn us down. We all need something new to stimulate the senses once and awhile. So if you’re in the mood for some free (free, FREE) local art and entertainment, the Berkeley Art Museum is the place to be. This fall, the BAM (an apt acronym) is putting on a variety of different events, most notably the severely underrated [email protected] Friday Nights concert series hosted in the heart of the Barry McGee art exhibition. And to top that off, it’s absolutely free to students with Cal ID! Here’s some trivia: did you know the series is in its third year? We had no idea. This could be one of Berkeley’s best kept secrets.

We got a peek at local printmaker and graffiti artist Barry McGee’s art installation, which spans three floors of the BAM. Here are some of our favorite pieces of the exhibit, to give you a taste of his distinct style:


In your face!

Is this a real dude? You'll have to visit to find out... *wink wink*

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2011-03-16 18.07.57

The Clog just got back from “Abstract Now/Then” — a BAM/PFA extravaganza centered around the museum’s featured exhibit on (you guessed it) abstract art from the last half-century or so — and we’re feeling pretty darn educated by the whole experience. Things that we learned include but are by no means limited to: read more »


We here at the Clog are always on the lookout for ways to enlighten people about upping their hipster cred. So we would never pass up an opportunity like this one: a screening of the film (not “movie,” never “movie”) “Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then” at the BAM/PFA tonight June 16th at 7:30. General admission is $9.50 but UCB students are $5.50.

The film is directed by Brent Green. And if you were curious who that is, the information provided read more »