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Many of our readers will certainly become world famous innovators in their respected fields. This leaves you — the chosen ones — with the responsibility of returning to the university that helped mold you and sharing that world class success.

On Friday, Sept. 9, composer, pianist and UC Berkeley alumnus Terry Riley will be doing his “world famous innovator” duties by returning to Cal for an extremely rare performance of his works.

Riley — who earned his MA in composition at UC Berkeley — is world renowned for his involvement in minimalist music, initially an experimental genre of classical music that rose to prominence during the 1960′s. Riley’s music is highly influenced by read more »

pfaOh, to be a freshman again when it seemed like the free things would never end. The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive will be hosting an event which features free pizza and classic art posters this Thursday, August 25 at 7 p.m. Not only freshman, but incoming transfers can get into the event free of charge with an official Cal I.D.

After this, students as well as the public can enjoy a free movie screening. Sci-fi movie “It Conquered the World” will be shown in the sculpture garden, providing a quaint little environment in which to see the movie.

Students will also be able to ask members of the BAM/PFA Student Committee questions about the museum, as they will be present at the event. So take advantage of your first year, opportunities for free pizza sadly diminish as time goes on.

Image Source: Thomas Hawk under Creative Commons
Posters, pizza and outdoor Roger Corman movie part of BAM/PFA’s fall semester welcome for new students [UC Berkeley NewsCenter]


If you’re having a slacker summer in Berkeley since you selfishly decided against saving the world via these programs, then you know that Berkeley summers can get a little dull. How many times can you go to the marina, anyway? Well, to be fair, we don’t have a kite …

And if you’re especially bored because your Harry Potter extravaganza came to a close, may we suggest you carry some of that movie-marathon-magic momentum over to BAM/PFA, where the “Hands Up! Essential Skolimowski” series kicks off tonight?

This series, which read more »

The Clog brings you our weekend assortment of the free, the delightful and the delightfully free.



Are you feeling exceptionally adventurous this weekend, but you’re short on funds? Do you have a bike and a love for obscure music? Well you’re in luck, hipster, because we found the perfect event for you and it’s the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival. Just bring your bike and your good vibes. Oh, you might also want to read more »

black pearl look alikeHalloween weekend: a time for costumes, debauchery, and … art? You betcha! The Berkeley Art Museum (BAM) is hosting an evening event that highlights the eerily appropriate collection that they’ve got going on — “Hauntology.”

Pretty fitting, eh?

The exhibit offers pieces from a myriad of different artistic styles and periods, all of which should send a few chills up your spine. If you’re confused as to what you might be looking at, think ghostly ships, old architecture, and, uh, every possible shade of gray.

We know Halloween can be a hectic time for the college student, so we’re giving you the event info a couple of days in advance—ya know, so you can all plan your schedules accordingly. Hauntology: Hallow’s Eve Party is this Friday, Oct 29 from 7:30 p.m. until 10:00 (there’s a student only “after party” from 9-10). We recommend that you come in full costume—preferably one that works with the theme, so probably something old and gray (go ahead and make up your own “your mom” joke, here).

Happy haunting!

Image Source: Xavier Fargas under Creative Commons
Hauntology: Hallow’s Eve Party [Facebook]


It’ll take more than mere architecture to say that Berkeley and Los Angeles are similar cities, but not for a lack of trying. Word is, New York architecture firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro is in the process of designing a set of twin museums, each to be located in the downtown area of its respective city—Berkeley and LA.

We knew that Diller Scofidio + Renfro were responsible for the new BAM/PFA (to be opened on the corner of Oxford and Center), but we had no idea that there’d be a So Cal counterpart.

This exciting undertaking is already creating a buzz about town, as Diller was in Berkeley just this past week to meet with museum staff, and an initial design concept is expected to be ready in a month. Though both of the museums will sport similar designs, we’re pretty sure that our local joint will find a way to have some flair all its own.

Image Source: blacque_jacques under Creative Commons
Museum Designer Links Berkeley, Los Angeles [SF Gate]

shorts11-235x3001Best way to celebrate our sudden influx of warm weather: dreaded return to academic grind? Right. Try PFA’s screening of many shorts–not to be confused with our own informative pantaloons. [UC Berkeley Events]

When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who YOU gonna call? Um, the twofer that is Berkeley’s campus-city ultimate crime-fighting combo. Obvi. [Mercury News]

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s ongoing research in the strife-ridden Gulf points to a quick-moving clean-up that may or may not be taking place as the handiwork of a very small, surprising source. [Wall Street Journal]

Lynne Cheney thinks we suck. [Huffington Post]

Earlier: Many Boo-Boos


Well, it’s the end of June (already!? – *shudder*) and that earth-shatteringly important decision we’ve all been waiting for has come through the wires, as promised. BAM/PFA’s selection committee has awarded Diller Scofidio + Renfro the coveted project of building the new, much blabbered about museum. Read on for more info on the NY firm, pics. read more »


Pretentious David Bowie references aside, we here at the Clog like to tease Berkeley students for being broke. Just remember that we do it out of love. And since you’re still probably broke, why not go to a screening of “Invaders from Mars” tomorrow May 28 at the BAM/PFA at 7:30? It’s free for UCB students, and only $5 for general admission.

The screening is preceded at 6 by a reading from the wonderful book of “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” (soon to be a Martin Scorsese movie, so film majors, take notice) and a short film from George Melies called “A Trip to the Moon.”

As if all that isn’t enough, the movie itself features “flying saucers, eerie sounds, quicksand that sucks victims into an underground lair, raygun battles, and Martians in bold green jumpsuits with pronounced zippers!”

“Pronounced zippers,” you say? Yeah. We’ll be there.

Expanded cinema: Invaders from Mars [BAM/PFA]
Image source: Hey Paul under Creative Commons

pulp art lolz

Against the tide of ironic mustachery, the Oscars, Irish drinking holidays and college basketball madness, the UC Berkeley art community attempts to wedge itself a slice of March. Of course, we support this and suggest that you check out this and next week’s happenings. At least one of them, we’re pretty sure, has free booze going for it. read more »

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