With the presidential election coming up in November, people are already getting ready to cast their votes toward their favored presidential candidate. Be it Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, time will tell who voters will decide to take the reins of our country for the next four years. However, in the world of the “Ultimate Universe” of Marvel comics, that decision has already been made. That’s right folks; the new commander-in-chief is none other than the star-spangled man himself, Steve Rogers aka Captain America. And contrary to how we often do things on the Clog, no, we’re not joking. read more »

Super ObamaWhilst strolling past 4.0 Hill yesterday evening, we couldn’t help but notice that our esteemed president had come to pay Berkeley a little visit.

The trip from D.C. left him looking a little flat, but he brushed it off as just a bit of jetlag. The man’s used to much longer flights, after all. Though his choice in wardrobe was quite a departure from the usual coat and tie, we thought he pulled off the cape and spandex with style.

“Super Obama,” as we dubbed the visitor, couldn’t stay long — something about having to lead the free world (pshhh … excuses) — but we enjoyed our time with him, however brief.

Image Source: Jillian Wertheim
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Our commencement speakers! Or do we? Based on Berkeley’s track record of late, we’re not so sure. Granted, we’re not graduating this year and we didn’t attend commencement last year, but compared with the likes of one President Barack Obama, the founder of the Webby Awards is a little–how do we put this–meh. (Please. We were all thinking it.)

We mean, we’re sure alumna Tiffany Shlain is a very nice lady, and we have nothing but respect for people who are firmly aboard the interweb train, but read more »


Back before Barack Obama became synonymous with the words “Yes We Can” he was just a regular ol’ college kid at Harvard who knew how to play the charm card. In fact, he was probably the know-it-all guy you would’ve hated in section.

Now one of his most respected mentors—Chris Edley—his former professor at Harvard Law School and advisor during the 2008 Primaries (now Dean of the Law School here in Berkeley), has basically come forward to say that the Obama Administration is all charm and no substance. read more »

Barack Obama woke up this morning, wearing what we can only hope to be a pair of Abe Lincoln-print silk pajamas, and b-lined it to the kitchen. He made some coffee, poured some fresh kibble into his puppy’s bowl, and then won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

We have reason to believe, however, that somewhere in between Obama’s journey from the First Couple’s bedroom to the First Puppy’s breakfast dish, Berkeley crossed the President’s mind. Why? Because yesterday a painting by Richard Diebenkorn entitled “Berkeley, No. 52” was reported to be one of 45 hand-picked pieces chosen to deck the walls of the East and West wings, as well as the First Family’s private living quarters.  read more »


If you thought Twitter was just an annoying accumulation of Facebook statuses that tells you what muffin your friend ate for lunch, think again. Current mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, announced his “official” bid for governor of California via his Twitter on Tuesday as part of his campaign which will utilize new media. We didn’t know that you could officially declare anything on Twitter, except that you have too much free time. read more »

Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* UC Berkeley received lots of apps but will only admit less than 10% of applicants. Blame the Man. [NewsCenter]

* The Daily Cal Arts blog convinced us to go see indie comedy “Humpday,” but then again, it is about porn. [Arts: It's What's for Blog]

* Relive Berkeley’s happiest day in recent history. [Daily Cal]

* Oh look, Beetle’s back. [Beetle Beat]

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This adorable puppy's excited. Aren't you?If the first day of classes isn’t a good enough reason for you to drag your ass out of bed before noon on Tuesday, then maybe a chance to witness history will do the trick, instead. For those of you who have been living under impossibly large, sound-proof, magic rocks, Jan. 20 will mark the inauguration of President Barack Obama, and Chancellor Birgeneau has invited members of the campus community to watch it together on a big screen on Upper Sproul Plaza.

This means you! Yes, even you, who were inexplicably living under a rock, and can’t make it over to the Oracle Arena in Oakland (maybe because, uh, you have class?), can feel like you’re a part of it all, and all for the low, low price of free. Priceless, indeed.

Don’t expect too much of an Election Night-esque fuss, though. Chancellor Birgeneau made it clear in his e-mail that class is not, in any way, canceled in honor of the occasion. In any event, the broadcast is scheduled to start at 7:30 a.m. (yikes), the university’s “formal program” kicks off at 8:15 a.m. (yikes again) and the BMOC will be taking the Presidential Oath of Office at 9 a.m.

Image Source: Brian Hathcock under Creative Commons
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Barack Obama has chosen Steven Chu, the director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, as the new energy secretary for the incoming administration.

Among Chu’s qualifications are such small-time stuff as, say, running the Energy Department’s oldest national laboratory, being a professor in physics and MCB, and winning something called the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997.

CNN points out some Democrats are worried he might not have enough political experience. Hah.

At least it’s better having no scientific knowledge in a position that kind of demands some. We’re looking at you, Texas.

Congratulations, Chu. We know with you as energy secretary, nothing will possibly go wrong. After all, doesn’t it kind of make sense to hire a physicist when you’re faced with an energy crisis?

Image Source: [BlackSide] under Creative Commons
Obama makes pick for energy chief, sources say [CNN]
Officials: Obama chooses energy, enviro posts [AP]

Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* Get yer early vote on in case the apocalypse happens on Tuesday.

* Prop. 8 to get voted down? It’s a possibility, and student reaction is mixed but overall hopeful.

* Obama drama! Seriously, why didn’t we cover such a succulent story full of fraud, deception and smashed dreams? (Edit: Oops, we underestimated ourselves. We actually did cover it.)

* What’s your take on Prop. 2/Mexican eggs? You know, there must be reason why they hafta eat them with all that spice and chilies.

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