photo-4Backyard barbecues have long been a staple of the American summer experience and Fourth of July celebrations. However, we here at the Clog can’t seem to find anyone with a barbecue, or a backyard for that matter. Thus, we have opted to find delicious barbecue elsewhere. Besides, buying all the ingredients and preparing the food yourself is way too much work and we’re like totally too busy with studying and stuff.

Luckily for us, there exist two conveniently located bastions of affordable barbecued glory in (or near) Berkeley: Smokey J’s and the Brick Pig’s House. read more »


Do you find yourself perplexed as to what to do this Friday? Perhaps the ideas of going to class, seeing a movie or taking a well-deserved nap are just not enough. You want something more involved, preferably involving ASUC officials and free food.

Well, you’re in luck, because the ASUC is hosting a rollicking barbecue from noon to 2 p.m. on Lower Sproul Plaza this Friday with just that. There will be a concert, free food and (the best part) your elected officials. Maybe you’re looking to network and get a position in the ASUC, maybe you lost the contest (or whatever that was) for a date with Dani Haber and you’re hoping to try plan B or maybe you’re just a cheapskate who wants free food.

Image Source: DeusXFlorida under Creative Commons
ASUC BBQ [Facebook]