BARENewsomCoverThe winter installment of UC Berkeley’s leading fashion quarterly, BARE Magazine, found its covergirl in none other than Mrs. Mayor Gavin Newsom herself: Jennifer Siebel.

Student photgrapher Ericka Veliz captured several shots of San Francisco’s First Lady near Ghiradelli Square—what more delectable a fashionscape to revamp the whimsy that made Bay Area style iconic. Siebel sported local designers the likes of Christopher Collins and Colleen Quen for the shoot.

Newsom also sat down with BARE reporter Katie Sarna to talk about her upcoming documentary debut, “Miss Representation”, girl power, wearable San Francisco fashion, and what it’s really like to be married to Gavin Newsom.

The issue went to print this week, we urge you to snag a copy. We’re also intrigued by BARE’s coverage of “Cal’s Co-op Culture” (knit hats out of your compost much?), our campus Muslim community’s insights on the Hijab, as well as the “Primal Instinct” spread.

Image Source: Courtesy Ericka Veliz, BARE Magazine
Jennifer Siebel Returns To Camera’s Lens [SFist]

The Legend of Hell House

BARE’s been hot this semester, and now the fashion mag wants you to join the party. If you’ve got a chic outfit to debut, consider blowing off some steam at the issue 5 launch party this Friday. There’ll be a DJ, food and drinks for all those 21+. Plus there’s a pretty good chance you might find your mug (and your style) on their blog afterward.

The deets:
When: this Friday at 9 p.m.
Where: Henry’s (2600 Durant Avenue)
R.S.V.P.: [email protected]

Image Source: Renata Chebel SP:00

under Creative Commons
BARE magazine i5 launch party on Friday! [BARE

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BARE, UC Berkeley’s fashion magazine, got a small mention in a recent New York Times article about cheap glossy printing. Kudos for cross-coast recognition, but what’s even cooler is the photo slideshow that accompanies the article.

The slideshow has some behind-the-scenes shots of BARE and also features editor Doreen Bloch speaking about putting together the magazine. Um, we can haz NYT feechur too?

Image Source: carlos_seo under Creative Commons
Do-It-Yourself Magazines, Cheaply Slick [NYT]
Making a Magazine With MagCloud [NYT]


Last week Student Action announced its executive slate. This week it’s CalSERVE’s turn. We’ve already spotted Student Action flyers. Let the ASUC elections games begin!

We’ll be prepared for anonymous comments from either party’s minions, illegal and rampant chalkings, and the incessant pesterings of ASUC hopefuls around Sather Gate.

Even fashion mag BARE is jumping into the student politics under the flimsy pretense that “voting is always in vogue.” Sure, if you think people holding giant signs with names of hopeful senators is haute couture.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a list of campaign kickoffs so that you can score free food from the candidates who will be bugging you after spring break.


Oh no you didn’t! Looks like fashion mag BARE has some competition: Chiq Magazine.

We came across the chalked advert for Chiq’s first meeting only because of its tagline: “UCB’s 1st Health, beauty + lifestyle magazine” (sic). Not exactly fashion, but we know BARE covers beauty too.

But that’s not our gripe. The proof is in the spelling. “Chiq,” with a q? Does that mean it’s pronounced “chic” or “chick”? Or is it supposed to be a confusing amalgamation of both? In case, we’re pretty sure that anyone who would honestly refer to herself as a “chick” is surely not chic.

Image Source: onlinewoman under Creative Commons
Chiq Magazine [Website]

Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* While you were out drunk at 12:30 p.m. yesterday, fashionistas were totally judging your look. [BARE]

* If you weren’t among the thousands at Memorial Stadium or in the rabble of Tightwad Hill, you can catch up on Cal Band’s halftime show. Oh, nostalgia. [YouTube]

* Help the little bear out. This looks like a future Clog photo. [Photo Blog]

* Scared for finals? Maybe you should’ve just gone elsewhere and paid for your A’s. [Paper Trail]

Image Source: Daily Cal
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We were all bright-eyed youngsters just a year or two or even three ago. Overloaded with AP courses, necking tentatively under the bleachers, assaulted by the first tender flush of young adulthood while agonizing over the wheres, whens, and hows of the next four years…. It’s too bad that Radar Magazine’s feature on the worst colleges ever in America wasn’t there to hold our solemn hands and lead us to the promised land. Or steer us clear of Berkeley. Oh snap!

Just kidding, dudes. We love Cal and so can you, if only because Lothlorien’s legendary food orgy par-tay ranked up there with that one school’s annual spit-swapping bonanza and UC Santa Cruz’s furious attempts at ingesting enough weed to envelop a small hillside in pot fumes.

Radar’s thundering denunciation of the worst college in America follows under the jump. read more »

Last week, as promised, two Cloggers attended the swankiest party the Clog has ever been invited to. After copious amounts of speculation about the precise meaning of “Semi-formal/cocktail attire” and “food will be provided,” cloggers Jill and Danica hopped on the F bus to downtown Bar and Restaurant. (And no, that wasn’t a typo, you capitalization Nazi.) read more »

Sometimes it pays to be a blogger, like when you get invited to parties you didn’t even know were happening. BARE magazine, UC Berkeley’s fashion publication, will host a VIP launch party this Thursday at 8 p.m. at Downtown Bar and Restaurant.

Later this week, one of our bloggers will grace the event, but in the meantime you can think of ways of impersonating us and crashing the party. Expect a wrap-up around the weekend.

BARE also has a quasi-Sartorialistic blog (shows you what we know of Berkeley blogs). We’re not sure we dig the what-I-wore-to-work-today posts, but we’re looking forward to pics of chic students–if BARE can find ‘em.

BARE Magazine Blog [Web Site]

450px-hippie.jpgThe Berkeley News Center has taken it upon itself to singlehandedly tackle “Berkeley Style” with the help of a couple of reporters from BARE Magazine, a Berkeley fashion mag, whose first edition came out in the fall. In light of the display on now at Doe Library, the commentators who created “The Elements of Cal Style 2008″ online slideshow took to the supposed West Coast fashion mecca that is Upper Sproul Plaza, and snapped photos of the few people they could find who weren’t wearing jeans, Uggs and a Cal sweatshirt. Oh, and who actually showered that day.

In any case, the retrospective slideshow is pretty cool if you can’t be troubled to go all the way to the exhibit, despite that the 2008 portion is somewhat less than comprehensive. Yep, unfortunately, that means no photos of masked men wearing red sweatpants.

Image Source: Joyradost under GNU Free Documentation
BARE Magazine [Website]
Cal Style 2008: A Fashion Safari to Sproul Plaza [Berkeley News Center]
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