Some love, it some hate it, but none of us can deny that it is something we won’t stop using no matter how much trouble it may cause. Because BART is so essential in our daily commutes, we (with the exception of hardcore germaphobes) treat BART like our own cars, making ourselves quite comfortable on those decaying, ugly grey seats. Do we even know what color they are anymore?

The following information may gross you out, but please, do not let it stop you from continuing your journeys. Simply make sure you tread with caution. read more »


Anyone who’s ridden BART knows the familiar vague pull of dread you feel while riding the gray beast. The BART clientele tend to be on the eccentric side, after all, and there have been incidents before. But never fear, Clog readers! This story will give you faith in public transportation again. Someone tried to steal a ballet dancer’s iPhone on BART and said dancer unleashed a can of “West Side Story” whoop-ass on his attackers.

The incident must be taken slightly on faith, since all we have is the physical evidence of his bruised face. However, SF Ballet dancer Ben “Pupi” Stewart says read more »


If you are the type of bona-fide environmentalist who not only takes BART but rides a bike to get there, you are no doubt familiar with rather dingy corner of the Downtown Berkeley BART station known as the Bike Station.

Well, dear tree-hugger, it looks like your bike may soon be headed to bigger and better things. The Bike Station held a ribbon cutting for its new above-ground location yesterday. The new location on Shattuck Avenue, formerly home to Shoe Pavilion, looks a good deal spiffier than the Bike Station’s old digs.

We don’t really have occasion to go there, as we’re partial to walking everywhere, but should you need to park your bike or require repairs, the Bike Station is open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday. More information can be found on their website.

Image Source: BikePortland.org under Creative Commons
Berkeley BART Bike Station [Alameda Bicycle]


We haven’t talked much about the Johannes Mehserle trial since it was moved down south last fall, but we figured we should catch you up on what’s been happening, because it may be about to affect your life in a big ol’ way.

Closing arguments wrapped up in the trial of a former BART police officer accused of shooting and killing 22-year-old Oscar Grant III on New Year’s Day, 2009.  The jury began deliberations on Friday and will reconvene to continue next week. read more »


Oh yeah, there’s an app for that. As a master’s final project for the Berkeley School of Information, student Ljuba Miljkovic made a transportation app called “Transporter” (nothing to do with Jason Statham) that is now available on iTunes.

The app tells you the real-time departures of buses and trains, but it also goes one step further: informing you what time you will arrive at your destination once you’re in transit. It also allows you to bookmark your favorite/most used lines and stops. It works for SF MUNI, AC Transit, and BART. (Especially useful with the new bus schedule, eh?)

The man himself described the problem with transportation: “We discovered that riding public transit often produces a generalized sense of anxiety,” Miljkovic observed, “rooted perhaps in one’s loss of control.” Yeah, that or the crazy guy at the front of the bus loudly voicing his opinion that television will destroy America.

Either way, the app is FREE and you can download it here. Say thank you to Miljkovic.

Image source: marvin L under Creative Commons
Student project “Transporter” debuts on ITunes Store [UC Berkeley School of Information]

THIS COULD BE YOU!Then get on BART! Destination: fame and glory. Who needs Playboy when you can be the freshest new face of the one, the only, Bay Area Rapid Transit? That’s right, no one. No one needs Playboy. Because everybody loves BART. And wants to be on TV.

So if you’re looking to jump-start your acting career with a fabulous (unpaid) gig, submit a photo or short video of your sexy BART-riding, East Bay-dwelling mug by April 30.

Image Source: Steve Rhodes under Creative Commons
Casting call: riders wanted to star in BART ads! [SFBART's blog], via Eye on Blogs

bart police

In the past couple of months, BART police have demonstrated some … regrettable behavior. Allow us to refresh your memory: shot a guy, (apparently) caused a guy’s head to go through a window (watch the video here!) and recently had their taser privileges taken away. Still, we see some kinda skeezy-looking characters on those trains and we’re glad to know that BART police exist. In any case: this summer BART cops become bike cops. read more »

A bulletin issued by BART Police Chief Daschel Butler (who within the safety of our imaginations wears a three piece suit and has facial hair more impressive than your great grandfather sitting on his wrap-around porch drinking mint juleps in the antebellum South) called for an immediate kabash on the use of stun guns. Oh Daschel. The lengths you go to keep Bay Area citizenry untased.

The squadron will turn in their weaponry today. Rest assured, BART Police are waist deep in the development of a new Taser policy, prompted by recent Taser-related controversies due to mal-trained officers.

Our suggestion? Well, we’ve always thought a good lashing with a buggy whip would benefit cold-blooded BART criminals immensely.

Image Source: Jason Edward Scott Bain under Creative Commons
BART Cops Quit Using Tasers For Now [SF Appeal]

A nine car eastbound BART train shimmying through the Transbay Tube severed in two* early this morning. After the tracks were deemed safe, normal service resumed at approximately 7:25 a.m. Despite this, 30 minute delays have been reported to affect lines running to the East Bay from Millbrae and SFO.

Moral of the story? Don’t mock your OCD friends for feeling uneasy about the prospect of wedging large hunks of metal, electricity, and precious Bay Area citizenry 2,000 leagues below. It just ain’t natural. Bridge toll hikes, splitting trains, what’s next? Enough is enough. We’re canoeing to and from the city from now on. Coast Miwok style.

*Editor’s Note: Also known as “cleft in twain.”

Image Source: Kanaka Menehune under Creative Commons
BART Train Comes Apart Inside Transbay Tube [cbs 5]

In the spirit of Improv Everywherethe 9th Annual “No Pants” BART ride is happening this Sunday, Jan. 10. For those of you back in the Bay Area from break a little early, this might be a great way to meet some new (pantless) friends.

To participate, ditch your lederhosen and board the Pittsburg/Bay Point train at any station below at the corresponding time:

1:47 San Bruno
1:51 South San Francisco
1:54 Colma
1:58 Daly City
2:01 Balboa Park<-Last names that start with A-H
2:04 Glen Park
2:07 24th & mission<-Last names that start with I-P
2:09 16th & mission
2:11 Civic Center<-last names that start with Q-Z
2:13 Powell
2:14 Montgomery
2:16 Embarcadero <—we all exit

From Embarcadero, proceed to MUNI by 2:30 p.m.

Image Source: Tonio Vega under Creative Commons
9th Annual “No Pants” BART Ride Day [SF Funcheap]

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