Graphic novelist (and former Golden Bear) Gene Yang spoke at the Berkeley Story Hour program yesterday, and it was awesome.  That’s all we can say. First off, the guy looks very much like a Berkeley student aged a few years, so we were delighted when we heard he was an alum. He’s a tall, soft-spoken man and a self-described nerd, but the guy is pretty darn cool.

He began his presentation by telling us that he is very much like Batman, both in his “uncanny resemblance to Christian Bale” and the fact that he has two jobs: he is a high school teacher by day and a cartoonist by night. As a high school teacher, he once drew comics for a math read more »

… Except it has nothing to do with Batman or sonar. OK, so the title is wildly misleading, but a partnership between UC Berkeley and Nokia has managed to develop a technology that uses cell phones to monitor and surveil real-time traffic flow.

As drivers go tankin’ around town, GPS data will periodically (rather, whenever the cell phone crosses certain arbitrary lines) and anonymously be sent to a faceless and soulless set of servers. The data, which might include read more »

As students in Political Science 179 filed into Wheeler Auditorium Tuesday afternoon, the air was abuzz with speculation about the day’s “surprise” guest speaker, who they’d been told they wouldn’t want to miss. They scanned the room, their straining eyes finally coming to a dead stop upon a familiarly well-coiffed, well-dressed, well–well, everything‘d person.

Spotted: Mayor Gavin Newsom, causing a hot fuss on campus … again. That’s right–just days after the prospect of catching a glimpse of his Christian Bale-like countenance drew a huge crowd to Upper Sproul Plaza, the ever-sexy civil rights champion was back in front of a ready and willing Berkeley audience, driving his message home. read more »

One of the things that separates UC Berkeley from most campuses is the DeCal (Democratic Education at Cal) program, which can usually be summed up as classes “by students, for students.” Now is around the time DeCals start, so we figured we’d give the rundown on a (somewhat random) few. A word of warning, though—the DeCal list changes every semester, and some classes start before others. Oh, and did we mention you can get units? read more »