Unfortunately, not our new mascot. BEARCATS EXIST!
So we just finally capitulated to the relentless chalking underfoot near the libraries of campus and Googled “OskiCat,” which, according to aforementioned chalk, is “Coming 5.27.09.”  Much to our dismay, we’re not getting a new mascot that is some monstrous (or ADORABLE) combination of a bear and a kitten, nor is something of comparable epicness happening.

Alas, OskiCat is merely the new library catalog that will soon replace GLADIS and Pathfinder. Apparently there was a logo contest

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde hd

for it, but we’re pretty sure the winner didn’t get to meet Clint Eastwood this time. Don’t get us wrong, it sounds pretty nifty and all, with its new features–like the ability to renew items, limit results to available items ” … and much more!” But, honestly … yawn. Well, at least it doesn’t involve another arbitrary “BEARS

” acronym or some variation thereof.

Image Source: Joachim S. Muller under Creative Commons
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