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We were just chilling in the Daily Cal office Thursday afternoon, when suddenly, at quarter after 5, that unmistakable sound of amplified feedback infiltrated the space around us. Looking out the window onto Lower Sproul Plaza, we pinpointed the location of said sound as coming from two dudes rocking out down below.

Naturally, we headed downstairs to check it out.

After a brief, five-minute set, drummer Daniel Hodge began packing up, but the band’s singer and namesake Will Crum spared a few minutes for the ol’ Clog, and came over for a chat.

Their jam sesh was actually a “guerilla show,” he explained; an impromptu, small-scale concert that appears out of nowhere and disappears just about as soon as the music stops. Crum told us read more »

shorts11-235x30011In Iran, there are some serious jerks in high places and some of those jerks just decided to sentence the two UC Berkeley alum hikers to eight years in prison. Not chill! [Daily Cal]

But now on to the real news. And no, we’re not talking about the EPIC Apple Store opening either. So what’s bigger than those stories, you ask? How about a cat on a leash spotted in Berkeley! OMG! [Berkeley Patch]

But wait, there’s more incredible news! Caltopia was expected to bring people in by the thousands! Double OMG! And did you know that it is “one of the nation’s largest experiential college lifestyle festivals?” Go Bears! [NBC Bay Area]

Bummed about the beginning of the fall semester? Well wait till you leave campus before you drown your sorrows in an open container of alcohol. The police are on the look out for underage drinking, open containers and other alcohol-related offenses. [Mercury News]

Or better yet, head on over to the Bear’s Lair since it’s reopening under new management. And yes, “Beat the Clock” will continue. [Daily Cal]

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You messed with the wrong food court, PANDA! Oh, wait, there’s more than one? No, we’re talking about the Bear’s Lair vendors’ strike. What were you talking about? Hm. Anyway, have you heard about the strike in the Bear’s Lair Food Court?

Yeah, apparently the owners of Taqueria El Tacontento and Healthy Heavenly Foods aren’t too pleased with their increased rent. Kinda sucks that the damn Store Operations Board basically doubled their rent to make way for evil corporations, like (but not necessarily) Panda Express. read more »

Grin and BEAR it.
This time it’s not about the controversial Panda said to be migrating into Lower Sproul sometime in the imminent future, although it does have to do with  sacrificing Berkeley’s small business bent for more commercial, money-generating chains.

This time, the bear in question is the Bear’s Lair, currently home to a host of small businesses like Healthy Heavenly Foods, Taqueria El Tacontento and The Coffee Spot, which operate on month-to-month agreements with the ASUC Store Operations Board and have been there for over two decades.

The board, which manages the food court, decided in December that they’re now going to open up the Lair for bidding by other restaurants with the goals of  ”meeting green business requirements, renovating the food court and employing students. ” Sounds like the same argument used to introduce a certain other foreign species to Lower Sproul. read more »

Time to grab your glow sticks, bag your black light, and resurrect your rave gear for the Glow in the Dark Party at the Bear’s Lair, which will be hosted by the UC Berkeley’s Haas Undergraduate Black Business Association and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.. We think it’s going to be like cosmic bowling, but without the bowling and extra cosmic.

If you’re old enough to vote, you’re old enough to party. The flyer claims that it’s 18+/college student (which made us wonder which requirement takes precedent). Non-college students simply need to RSVP to [email protected]

What: Glow in the Dark Party
Where: The Bear’s Lair
When: Friday, Oct. 24 9 p.m. – 1 a.m.
Cost: Pre-sale, $5. At the door: Before 11 p.m., $7. After 11 p.m., $10.
Dress code: Psychedelic, neon, highlighter colors … you get the idea.

Image Source: Torley under Creative Commons
Glow in the Dark Party [event page]

bobAlex Filippenko wins again for being a crazy, awesome dude, the Bear’s Lair prevails as Berkeley’s best bar, and Chez Panisse still owns everyone and their mother. Which of these does not belong?

You’ve voted (or turned up your nose and refused to have anything to do with the process — either way), and the results are out. The Best of Berkeley 2008 results are up, and everything that won really is just a flipflop shuffle from the Units.

But the real upset comes at the bottom of the campus category: the Daily Cal’s own arts editorial staff chose our blogging cohorts at the OTR over yours truly. Shock! Awe! Good on you, OTR. In the meanwhile, we’re just going to be in this here corner dabbing at our jealous tears with a lacy handkerchief.

Best of Berkeley 2008 [Daily Cal]

Oh damn, a sneaky counter-punch from the ASUC. We told you about the anonymous petition plea that requests students thwart alleged ASUC efforts towards putting chains in the Bear’s Lair area. Well, it looks like the big-business-backing ASUC auxiliary is “Setting The Record Straight.” We’re just surprised they had the balls to do it on the restaurant owners’ home turf. This is getting more heated than a bowl of Heavenly Healthy Foods pho.

The Clog found petitions (click for readable version) on the tables in the Bear’s Lair yesterday. We aren’t sure who put them out, but we suspect Bear’s Lair restaurant proprietors are responsible.

The petitions call for students to support these businesses and let the ASUC senators know that they don’t want chain businesses, such as Starbucks and Panda Express, to replace them. They cite this story from the November Daily Cal article about the Coffee Spot’s uncertain future in particular.

Now it appears more is brewing. The CoCo has a story on the petitions and the status on the issue.

bq. Permaul would not confirm that the school has been talking to Starbucks or Panda Express, but he did mention Jamba Juice as being popular with students.

bq. Permaul said student focus groups held in January and recent surveys show that students want “more variety and better options.”

Must we point out that there is a Jamba Juice across the street? This is hardly variety.

The owners seem very distressed with the impending increase in fees and possible increases in rents that loom.

bq. “Now they are putting us under the gun,” said [Coffee Spot owner Haitham] Alloun. “They have not told me how much my rent is going to be if I want to stay. But they are bringing in Starbucks and Panda Express, and they want us to match their offer.”

bq. “If I don’t want to pay double, they will take away my kitchen to use for Panda Express,” said [Healthy Heavenly Foods owner] Mylinh Vu. “If I pay double and Panda comes in somewhere else, I will go out of business.”

Chains forcing out eateries, owners say [The CoCo]