You’re at your friend’s apartment, having a blast playing Mafia and pigging out on cookies. You look at the clock. Oh no, it’s 2:30 a.m. and you’re in a shady part of Berkeley! Who you gonna call? BearWALK!

There are those of us too cool to call the campus security escorts, perhaps not wanting to be seen walking near a uniform and walkie talkie clad student, even if it is absurdly late at night. But for those of us without a buddy to latch onto when things go bump in the night — or without someone to push in front of us and bolt — BearWALK’s not a bad choice. What do you do when your hired human shield shows up, though?

An Oski Shuttle

Two interesting categories of students seem to arise from this ‘please-walk-me-home’ and ‘I’m-paid-to-be-here’ relationship. First you have your typical, awkward freshman (or upperclassman?), staring at the ground and trying to reach home as fast as they can to avoid conversation. Then there’s your Chatty Kathy, talking the night away and supposedly easing tension. Hey, they’re just being friendly, right?

It’s a tough balance to try and strike, treating your walking buddy as someone who doesn’t bite while also letting them do their own thing. We advise you to try and make enough conversation to relieve the bubble of tense silence that can form during your 15 minute walk, but know that a bit of quiet here and there isn’t a read more »

Sometimes trying to keep organized at Berkeley makes us feel the way we do when we’re holding our Tully’s and sense a sneeze coming on – helpless! Hopefully these useful apps for the iPhone – all of which are free – will help put a lid on that life of yours. (To download, open iTunes and click on the iTunes Store tab, then search by app name.)

NextBus – Tells you the next arriving buses according to your location using GPS technology and includes all AC Transit buses, but also the Lawrence Lab and other loop buses too.

ASUC – An assortment of great campus-related tools for students from the ASUC. We especially love the real-time monitors that display how full places like RSF and the campus libraries are.

UCBearWALK – Request a Bearwalk escort from your phone, or track North/South Night Safety Shuttles in real time.

UC Berkeley Mobile – Created by the university itself, this app features helpful, general course information and library tools for current students. It’s also especially handy for incoming students (or even visiting family) with features like interactive maps, tour information and upcoming events.

Now that you’re stocked up on Berkeley-grade productivity tools read more »

With the crime that recently worried students and sent the LJ Community into a bigger frenzy than an earthquake might, we decided it was time to take matters into our own hands. We know you’re too proud to use BearWALK, so we came up with the top ten suggestions for ensuring your personal safety.

Note: You should know by now to not take us so seriously.

10. Fire arms. No, literally: Set your arms ablaze and brandish boldly.
9. Grab Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak. Or, better yet, get over the series and just chuck your fat tome at any attacker. Also, the epilogue sucked. There, we said it.
8. Carry around your hookah ’cause, hey, everyone likes the guy with the hookah.
7. Call the ASUC to do something about it.
6. Tote your own taser.
5. Join Student Action–get it DONE.
4. Put your trust in the university. Student No. 16273637, we have your utmost security in mind.
3. Live in Oakland.
2. Let the university believe it needs to protect you from raging football fans. Carry around a ten-foot fence wherever you go.
1. Pass out flyers. Watch your supposed assailant whip out an iPod, a cell phone and sunglasses in one second flat.

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