You read right, friend-o’s—although it’s not the kind of scandal that might initially leap to mind. We’re talking payroll fraud to the apparent tune of at least a few tens of thousands. Man, are they having a fantastic couple months.

The Berkeley Daily Planet claims it was hoodwinked by read more »

O'Malley speaks!According to THE NEW YORK TIMES (ahem, sorry. We just get kind of excited when we talk about legitimate news sources that aren’t moments from death), The Berkeley Daily Planet has been getting some heat for hating on the Jews. Or something.

The article talks about how readers have criticized publisher Becky O’Malley for running anti-semitic letters to the editor, while O’Malley counters that she believes in freedom of speech and that the opinions she prints aren’t necessarily her own. It also addresses the local paper’s financial woes. read more »

Wow, there’s a great tennis match going on over at The Berkeley Daily Planet … and we don’t mean that literally. The back and forth between reporter Judith Scherr and editor-owner Becky O’Malley is really quite astounding. No love in this match.

Scherr recently resigned, citing ethics and integrity in an e-mail to friends. And what is journalism without ethics, right? (Uhh, Daily Planet?)

Specifically, Scherr left because of … read more »