2301446492_f24066caaaWe’re super stoked on life, guyz, and we really need to share. As if the prospect of free ice cream on the morrow wasn’t awesome enough, the Clog just discovered that this is apparently Global Outreach Week at Berkeley — which is in fact a great deal more exciting than it sounds.

For starters, tomorrow will not only be a day of charitable cones, but also the ASUC-sponsored food festival “Taste of Berkeley” in Lower Sproul. Although said festival sadly will not be free of charge (we’re assuming), the insatiable foodie within us really could not care less.

Gluttony aside, the week’s about much more than stuffing our faces; today at 5:30 p.m., for instance, read more »

3762643879_78040a2739If the FB guest list of 1,500-plus is any indication, you’ve probably already heard that the Ben and Jerry’s on Center Street will be giving out free cones tomorrow from 12 to 8 p.m.

What you may not know is that the nomtastic event will serve as (rather than simply an ode to overindulgence) Camp Kesem’s fundraiser for the children of parents who have or have had cancer.

It’s like chicken soup for the soul, but even more delicious. WINNING.

Image Source: milgrammer under Creative Commons
Free Cone Day with Ben and Jerry’s [Facebook]
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We have ice cream in our eyes, on our brain, and now we’re ready to get it in our bellies. Tuesday marks Ben & Jerry’s celebrated Free Cone Day, a verifiable cream dream. The store on Oxford Street would be your best bet to snag a scoop anytime between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m.

If after Ben and Jerry’s you’re still not satisfied with your frozen freebie, Cold Stone is another option. The mix-in creamery offers free servings on your birthday–if you subscribe to their list/club. Eight ounces of a Signature Creation in exchange for an inbox of promo e-mails? Oh, it’s such a joy to be a summer baby.

And not to be out done, there’s Ici. No, there’s no giveaway there, but we do hear that milkshakes will occasionally make appearances as daily specials. It’s like the world of ice cream wants us to eat it all up (or slurp it down).

Image Source: Amy the Nurse under Creative Commons
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