Berkeley is a city of artists and there is always an array of art events available that one can attend. Specifically for the book lovers out there, there are always various literary reading events organized by local book stores, literary enthusiasts or Cal’s passionate community of English students and faculty.  This semester does not deviate from the trend with Berkeley Art Museum’s new exhibition, the Reading Room. read more »

Obilgatory Totoro picture whenever "Ghibli" is mentioned

Obilgatory Totoro picture whenever "Ghibli" is mentioned

Although we may take it for granted, Berkeley is a great place for the avid movie-goer. The Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive and SUPERB offer an excellent line-up of films throughout the school year and there are a multitude of movie theaters throughout the area. There used to be a decent Blockbusters on Shattuck as well, which was a great resource for those who are Netflix-less,  but it permanently closed its doors early January. Ah, what a shame.

In any case, the slow, early weeks of the semester before the rush-up to midterms are a great time to watch a movie or two. read more »

Ahh, consumerism.

Ahh, consumerism.

There are artists that are so prolific that everyone knows their names. Andy Warhol is definitely a member of this elite circle. If you are a fan of Warhol’s work or simply curious about him, the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA) will show an exhibition entitled “Andy Warhol: Polaroids/MATRIX 240”  beginning on Friday, Jan. 27 that will display select Polaroids taken by Warhol (gifted by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts) that often became a basis for his artwork. If you want to join in on some extra festivities, there will also be a celebration of the exhibition’s opening on Friday, Feb. 3 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. The event will include free Cheese Board pizza, a gallery chat with Director Larry Rinder and Co-Curators Stephanie Cannizzo and Fabian Leyva-Barragan, as well as a screening of Warhol’s experimental film, “VINYL”.

Of course, it may be that rather than photography or pop art, cinema is your true art love. read more »


We at the Clog support cultural exchange and study of all types. All too often, international debate seems to be framed in terms of politics rather than in terms of culture or the arts. Don’t you understand?! We all need to love each other and – ahem. Excuse the melodrama. You get the idealistic point. In any case, here’s a quiz:

Does South Asia interest you in any way, shape or form?

More particularly, are you interested in the art scene there?

If yes, this might be of interest to you: Two events about South Asia, Baatcheet Around the Bay: An Exploration of South Asian Visual Culture and Guftugu: Contemporary Pakistani Art, will be presented in conjunction with each other from 2-5 p.m. at the Berkeley Art Museum, Gallery B on Sunday, Oct. 16 (Today!). read more »

2637510864_c17f217652Everyone grooves to a different beat — catchy pop on the radio, your favorite local indie band, the awesome album you picked up from that random rapper on the corner by Smart Alec’s ( … or not).

So what about “music for riots?” A “Dr. Seuss world of sound sculptures?” A violinist who “who plies the barbed-wire fences of Australia’s outback?”

From Sept. 3 through Sept. 18, BAM/PFA will host a series entitled “Sounding Off: Portraits of Unusual Music.” Featuring five films that showcase musical experimentation from around the world, the program highlights an overarching challenge to the art of sound production as we know it.

The schedule, as follows: read more »

pfaOh, to be a freshman again when it seemed like the free things would never end. The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive will be hosting an event which features free pizza and classic art posters this Thursday, August 25 at 7 p.m. Not only freshman, but incoming transfers can get into the event free of charge with an official Cal I.D.

After this, students as well as the public can enjoy a free movie screening. Sci-fi movie “It Conquered the World” will be shown in the sculpture garden, providing a quaint little environment in which to see the movie.

Students will also be able to ask members of the BAM/PFA Student Committee questions about the museum, as they will be present at the event. So take advantage of your first year, opportunities for free pizza sadly diminish as time goes on.

Image Source: Thomas Hawk under Creative Commons
Posters, pizza and outdoor Roger Corman movie part of BAM/PFA’s fall semester welcome for new students [UC Berkeley NewsCenter]

Feeling Artsy

The Berkeley Arts Festival has begun! Yesterday evening, July 12, kicked off the month-long celebration with some musical magic in the form of a Sarah Cahill piano concert. For the rest of July (and through Aug. 15), expect a bevy of concerts from various artists, book readings and more in the coming weeks. This year, many of the events will be taking place at 2133 University Avenue, the “home” for the festival. If you don’t know what you want to attend or when everything’s going down, consult the convenient calendar that the good people behind the Berkeley Arts Festival (BAF) have put up online.

Be sure to check out other venues that are joining in on the fun as well: the Berkeley Art Museum has their “Create” exhibit going throughout the summer and the Berkeley Art Center’s “Abstract Visions” will be up until Aug. 7. Performances at the Berkeley Rep or the Aurora Theatre also offer excellent opportunities to enjoy artists in their element, on the stage.

Of course, as the BAF website points out, “every day is an arts festival” in Berkeley, but don’t let that be your reason to miss out on all the good stuff.

Image Source: Ujwala Prabhu under Creative Commons
Announcements [Berkeley Arts Festival]

Free Art

It’s summer time and the livin’ is easy. But all this free time and easy living can make for some seriously boring days if you don’t have any plans whatsoever. Break the cycle of nothingness with a visit to the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA) — not only will it give you the chance to tell all your friends how cultured and worldly you are, but the deal is too good to pass up on the first Thursday of the month, every month. Free First Thursdays means that admission to the galleries (not to mention the public programs going on) will come to a grand total of $0, so no need to worry about your wallet. If you thought this was too good to be true, keep in mind that PFA Theater programs still ain’t free, but don’t let that get in the way of some good ol’ artsy fartsy time. Penny-pinchers, this one’s for you.

Image Source: my dog sighs under Creative Commons
Free First Thursdays [BAM/PFA]

chris thayerTonight’s [email protected] at the Berkeley Art Museum, Pigeon Dealers, explores Sound System culture through improvisational performances of both the musical and comedic varietals. Please don’t ask us how pigeon dealing relates to sound systems, because if you do, we’ll be forced to make up bullshit psuedo-philosophical answers about pigeons’ inevitable proclivity for collaborative consumption and communal head-bobbing (let’s not go there tonight).

Amongst the performers is SF-based stand-up comedian Chris Thayer, who humored us by answering a few questions:

Why do you do stand-up comedy?

I always wanted a hobby that could meet my basic needs. Because I consider my basic needs to be drink tickets, loaves of bread recovered from the compost bin of any cafe that will host an open mic and an endless procession of empty handshakes, stand-up comedy was a perfect fit.

How did the Berkeley Art Museum approach you about getting involved with Pigeon Dealers, and what was your first reaction? read more »


Well, it’s the end of June (already!? – *shudder*) and that earth-shatteringly important decision we’ve all been waiting for has come through the wires, as promised. BAM/PFA’s selection committee has awarded Diller Scofidio + Renfro the coveted project of building the new, much blabbered about museum. Read on for more info on the NY firm, pics. read more »

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