No family feast for you? Not a problem.

No family feast for you? Not a problem.

Not going home for the holiday weekend? While most dread the holidays (our relatives’ drunken shouting matches over eggnog, Christmas song covers by Justin Bieber…), many of us college students won’t have the luxury of going home for the holidays this year. If you’re one of the 30% of Cal students from out of the state or country – or simply can’t make it out of town – we’ve found some alternatives to ruminating in your dorm room next week.

Lusting after turkey dinner? Crossroads sometimes just won’t cut it, so check out Opentable for a list of East Bay and San Francisco restaurants that are serving traditional Thanksgiving dinner. read more »

While the recession continues to rage across the nation and the world – taking down banks, car manufacturers and even a small chunk of Starbucks in its path – Berkeley has maintained a surprising amount of economic stability.

And apparently UC Berkeley and its students are to thank for keeping the whole Berkeley bubble afloat on the raging sea of recession. That’s right, give yourself a pat on the back for splurging at the Asian Ghetto last night.

Students are generally less reliant upon employment income and therefore more insulated from the recession. We even rake in a good $400 million to the Bay Area’s economy each year.

Basically what this all translates into is more reconstruction and renovation. Enjoy the jackhammers, kids.

Image Source: dan taylor under Creative Commons
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