You read right, friend-o’s—although it’s not the kind of scandal that might initially leap to mind. We’re talking payroll fraud to the apparent tune of at least a few tens of thousands. Man, are they having a fantastic couple months.

The Berkeley Daily Planet claims it was hoodwinked by read more »

O'Malley speaks!According to THE NEW YORK TIMES (ahem, sorry. We just get kind of excited when we talk about legitimate news sources that aren’t moments from death), The Berkeley Daily Planet has been getting some heat for hating on the Jews. Or something.

The article talks about how readers have criticized publisher Becky O’Malley for running anti-semitic letters to the editor, while O’Malley counters that she believes in freedom of speech and that the opinions she prints aren’t necessarily her own. It also addresses the local paper’s financial woes. read more »

Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* This is really sad: A 5-year-old was hit by a truck and killed near Clark Kerr Campus. [SF Chron]

* That Oscars musical sequence was like vomit onstage. [AIWFB]

* Hey shorties, wanna model? Tyra wants you! [Snitch]

* FYI, that Stanford is no way affiliated with Stanford. [Paper Trail]

* Why the Daily Planet sucks, published by … [Daily Cal]

Image Source: Nick Fradkin, Daily Cal
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229755030_ad34424785-1So, as you may or may not know, we here at the Clog are actually part of the Daily Cal: consider us the bratty back-talking teenage child of our older, wiser, drier parental.  As much as we’d like to pretend we know it all (and we’re not refuting this), we still need a news source to actually build all of our snarky brilliance upon. That’s right, even the indie tee-wearing teen with copious amounts of piercings who listens to underground techno on over-sized headphones eventually goes back to his parents to ask for money.

So basically that ubiquitous “Journalism is a failing industry” line that we’ve been hearing around kind of concerns us. Not enough to actually stop us from making fun of the industry or those who suffer because of it, of course, but hey, showing a gesture of concern is about as best as you’re going to get from us here at the Clog. And it seems that every publication has been affected, including our less attractive counterpart, the Berkeley Daily Planet. read more »

Ah, the Berkeley Daily Planet never ceases to be a real hoot, does it? Thursday, it reported that the UC didn’t really, exactly say no, per se, to an owl box in People’s Park. It was a very big deal, we assure you.

The owl box would, theoretically, attract owls to People’s Park in an effort to control a recent rat infestation. The Daily Planet got its official weigh-in on the problem from homeless advocate, James Reagan, who mathematically claimed that the park has “More rats than you can shake a bag of cats at.”

In layman’s terms, that’s “A lot of rats.” Also, owls in the park would have symbolic value, since the barn owl is “the City of Berkeley’s official bird.” Did you know that? Well, now you do. read more »

Wow, there’s a great tennis match going on over at The Berkeley Daily Planet … and we don’t mean that literally. The back and forth between reporter Judith Scherr and editor-owner Becky O’Malley is really quite astounding. No love in this match.

Scherr recently resigned, citing ethics and integrity in an e-mail to friends. And what is journalism without ethics, right? (Uhh, Daily Planet?)

Specifically, Scherr left because of … read more »

Anybody walking by Dwinelle Hall today would have seen the bright yellow police tape around the redwoods. These trees near Sather Gate and Stawberry Creek are still the home of a few tree sitters protesting various things, among them the UC deal with British Petroleum.

On Thursday, the Daily Cal reported two UC Berkeley students descending from the trees, but that’s not all, folks.

Today, about 3 p.m., there was much ado about something. A long metal ladder was perched against the occupied redwood, and two police officers stood by in the taped-off area. They were later joined by a couple more officers. An important-looking man in a gray suit paced from the white truck to the edge of the tape. He kinda scared us. Outside the perimeter, two more officers walked by, one on his radio describing his location.

Don’t people have better things to do than sit in trees?

We hurriedly snapped some pictures while students coming from class speculated the hullabaloo. We apologize for their suckage. We left our wide-angle lens at home.

If you click on them, you might be able to make out some officers, trees, a truck and (if you squint really well) a ladder.

Though we aren’t all tree sitters, the hubbub does coincide with a recent vote in the ASUC Senate about the BP deal. The senators called for

bq. a thorough and ongoing external review by experts who have considerable professional and academic expertise in the fields of ethics, intellectual property rights, public-private conflicts of interest, and the social and environmental impacts of the proposed research.

Last week, faculty members of the Academic Senate voted against such review.

This we garner from the Berkeley Daily Planet. We guess somebody’s got to cover news of the goings-on in Eshleman.

UC Student Senate Urges Caution on BP Contract [Berkeley Daily Planet]