Thursday, Oct. 4 was International Animal Day, and if you walked through Sproul, you probably noticed the crate of kittens at the Paws and Claws Club table.

Kittens on Sproul!

Kittens on Sproul!

The kittens are up for adoption out of the East Bay Humane Society, and as club member Yujin notes, “we have [a] fostering program in our club through them” where qualified volunteers can be short-term owners. If you love cats, definitely read on!

We might note that, since you’ve probably read of the psychological benefits of being a dog owner, you might not surprised to learn that owning a cat can have psychological benefits, too.* College life is punctuated by stress and anxiety, and studies show that cats can be effective in taking the edge off the bad mood — so why not consider adopting a pet?

On the other hand, adoption can be a big commitment. read more »


We at the Clog are full of love and ready to pour our adoration directly into a pet’s heart. If you have not yet developed a passion for cuddling with cute animals, all those YouTube videos should do the trick.

Before you rush out to buy your own baby puglet, we want to remind you that deciding where to get your pet is important. If you have a big heart and not a lot of money, you may consider the Berkeley East-Bay Humane Society. The Society is a nonprofit organization built over 80 years ago, whose facility burned down on May 20, 2010. Fortunately, they are taking steps toward recovery, though the process is a difficult one (and by difficult we mean expensive.) read more »

dog walking

We can’t help but smirk smile with disbelief delight as we report to you your third opportunity this year (so far!) to bring your canine companion to Golden Gate Fields in Albany for only a small fee. Well, we suppose that $25 (in advance) or $30 (at the door) is nothing to bark at these days. However, it is … for a cause. The Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society wants you to remember that homelessness of the human variety is not the only sort our fair city has to contend with. Combat homeless dogginess and have some fun! Here’s what you’re in for:

The 12th annual Bay to Barkers Walk and Festival read more »