He goes by Bernie, just Bernie. He is a 50-something year old man who grows Gravestein apples in Anderson, California. To the Berkeley Farmer’s Market each week he trucks crates of the wondrous fruit and bottles home-brewed ruddy, autumnal juices and vinegar derived from them. Some of his apple trees are a century old. His philosophy is simple, “To get good apples you need to take care of the trees.”
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From the gratuitous abundant food-related posts we’ve got here on the Clog, it’s pretty clear that we’re serious about our noms. And though it may seem like all we ever do is empty our pocketbooks eating at Berkeley’s almost finest, we Cloggers have been known to buy groceries, on occasion. To, you know, make our own food.

Trader Joe’s (University Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Way)

Image Source: Ricardo Barton
Image Source: Ricardo Barton

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Warm Mochi Chocolate Cake

John Scharffenberger, a Berkeley graduate and co-founder of Scharffen Berger chocolates, was just named CEO of a quite different enterprise—Hodo Soy Beanery.

Scharffenberger first discovered the company, which makes soy milk, tofu and ready-to-eat soy products, at a Berkeley farmer’s market. The chocolate company he helped found—which produces the Clog’s favorite chocolate-flavored chapstick, was bought by Hershey in 2005 and its Berkeley factory closed in 2009.

Here’s hoping he can get tofu products to be just as delicious.

Image Source: arnold | inuyaki under Creative Commons
Scharffenberger takes helm of soy food company [San Francisco Business Times]


Riding our bike through Downtown Berkeley yesterday, stocking up on fresh edible flowers at the Farmer’s Market, we stumbled upon the annual Pagan Festival at MLK Civic Center park. Babies (not to be confused with the newly released documentary “Babies“) and their whacky Druid parents seemed to be having a grand old time. See evidence of Pagan Baby conversions after the jump. read more »