The only time that we’re up and about at 8:00 a.m. on Telegraph Avenue, we’re still half asleep and trying to remember why we enrolled in such an early class.

So when, exactly, does Moolicious intend on roping in breakfast-starved students?

At any rate, our only job is to speak from the palate. We weren’t too excited about paying $3.50 for a bowl of cereal, regardless of how big the serving or what kind of magical mixture was conjured to earn it such a name as “The Good Life”.

Instead, we sunk our sweet tooth in a sandwich of Cheerios, Nutella, and raspberry jam. Delectable–sweet, crunchy, not too gushy and all contained in one little sandwich. Yet not too little … we had to doggie-bag the other half of the entree to save for dinner (yes, dinner. Don’t judge our fat-ridden diet). read more »